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Farmers, No Need to Pay High Rent on Tractors for Plowing; Let's Know More

Central and state governments provide subsidies to farmers when they purchase a tractor.

Posted by Suraj on 10-Feb-2023 12:26 PM



Central and state governments provide subsidies to farmers when they purchase a tractor.


The harvesting process for the Kharif crop is almost done. And from the mid of October month, farmers will start processes for the Rabi crop. For this, they will need to prepare their land in ready-to-crop condition. As a result, farmers will demand tractors for rent to plow their fields. Considering the same thing, Gram Seva Sahkari Samiti has come ahead and decided to provide low-rent tractors to farmers.

It will benefit the small and marginal farmers who can not purchase a tractor for themselves. Many Gram Seva Sahkari Samiti have purchased tractors, and they provide these on low rent to their farmers.

What is the Tractor Rent for Plowing the Field?

As per media reports, Jahangirpur Gram Seva Sahkari Samiti provides low-rent tractors for ploughing work on the field. Ideally, it charges Rs 280 per bigha from the farmers. In contrast, private tractor owners charge Rs 300-Rs 400 for the same area. Villages like Kundgav are already noticing huge demand for a tractor for various farming activities.

As a result, private tractor owners are demanding high rent. However, with this scheme, farmers will complete ploughing and other work by spending less money. Moreover, it will also benefit the small or economically weaker farmers, who cannot buy a tractor, even by availing of government subsidy.

Do Private tractor Owners Charge High Rent on Tractor?

The chairman of Sahkari Gram Seva Samiti, Jahangirpur, said that the tractor owners charge high rent from the farmers. Due to fewer options and resources, farmers pay high rent to complete plowing and cultivation work. It causes financial losses to farmers and even burns their pockets.

To save farmers from such significant losses, Sahkari Gram Samiti decided to purchase tractors and provide farmers with low rent. This way, farmers can complete their farm processes without paying much. In addition, they also get some other privileges that help them get the full benefit of their crop.

How Does Sahkari Samiti Run this Initiative?

First of all, Gram Seva Sahkari Samiti, chairman, and other members passed the initiative and got approval from Sahkarita Vibhag. Once this process is complete, they send the application to the cooperative bank. After the proper check, tractors get purchased by the Samiti.

However, not every Gram Samiti needs to follow the same steps. The Karoli Block' Gram Samiti chairman purchased tractors by themselves to benefit the farmers in plowing. They also ensured that farmers could get high-quality seeds at low prices.

Which District Farmers will Get Benefited?

If you are a farmer from Todabhim, Nadoti, Mandrayal, and Sapotra Sahkari Samiti. You will benefit from this low-rent tractor facility. Moreover, you will also have the option to use farming equipment to simplify farming processes and get better output from the final crop.

Do Farmers Get Subsidy on Tractor Purchase?

Central and state governments provide subsidies to farmers when they purchase a tractor. There is a long list of farm equipment that comes under subsidy schemes. However, the subsidy amount can vary from 20% to 50%, depending upon the state you belong to. The different state governments have different policies and subsidy eligibility criteria. Also, from time to time, the government keeps inviting applications for subsidy benefits.

If you need to purchase a tractor for farming, you can apply for the subsidy and get the listed benefit. Although, it's crucial to remember that this scheme is available for you if you haven't taken advantage of the government subsidy scheme for the last seven years. This subsidy is applicable for tractors and listed agriculture equipment. You can contact the nearest agriculture department or office to get more details on this.


Low rent tractor facility is a good initiative from Sahkri Samiti of villages. This initiative will benefit thousands of farmers who can not purchase tractors for some reason and struggle while getting tractors for rent. Thus, we hope this information will help you some money while getting a tractor to rent for farming work.

If you want to stay tuned with the latest agriculture news, tractor comparison, and commercial vehicle news, you can keep checking our platform. We publish interesting information that helps farmers like you. However, if you are considering buying a tractor and avail of subsidy, do not forget to check out our comparison articles. We have compared the best tractor models that offer good mileage and long-lasting functioning.

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