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Domestic Tractor Sales Dropped by 1.49% in September 2022

Posted by Suraj On 12-Oct-2022 10:31 AM

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  • We have some news about tractor sales if you are also a farmer or would love to know about tractor sales reports. So, stay tuned with this post and understand which tractor brand saw a good start in the festive season.

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    In September 2022, tractor sales reached 52,595 units, whereas it was 53,392 in the same month last year. Hence, it's clear that tractor sales decreased by 1.49%. However, many companies still managed to increase their sales and profit. On the other hand, some also lose their market share and number of units sold. Brand Wise Tractor Sales Report September 2022

    Mahindra Tractor noticed a 2.38% growth in its tractor sales last month. Last year it generated 11,770 sales, whereas this September, it sold 12,050 units. As a result, the company also witnessed an increase in its market share by 0.87%.

    Swaraj tractors, owned by Mahindra and Mahindra, met with a loss in selling tractors last month. It is because the company only managed to sell 8,429 units. In contrast, last year, it generated sales of 8,695 units for the same month. In addition, Swaraj tractors also lost their market share by 0.26%.

    September 2022 was a great month for the TAFE group; this tractor manufacturer gained a 1.19% market share and made record sales of 6,664 units. Last year this company sold 6,130 units in September. It clearly shows that TAFE got 8371% more sales than last year.

    Sonalika tractors also met with a 4.24% loss in September 2022. The company managed to sell 6,206 units against the 6,481 units of September 2021. Overall, being a leading tractor manufacturer in India, Swaraj still faced issues selling tractors in September.

    Escorts tractors witnessed sales of 5,114 against 5,473 units in September 2021. This tractor manufacturing company in India saw a downfall of 6.56%. In addition, it also saw a drop of 0.53% in its market share.

    John Deere is known for its stylish and powerful tractors and has a good customer base in the Indian tractor market. Still, the company faced a 9.95% downfall in its September 2022 tractor sales. The company sold 4,267 units against 4,739 units last year for the same month. Moreover, data also shows that John Deere lost its market share by 0.77%.

    Eicher tractors noticed the best sales in September 2022 by selling 3,049 units. The company had a previous sales figure of 2,791 units for the same month. It shows the company got 9.24% more sales and a 0.57% gain in market share.

    New Holland noticed sales drop by 3.98%, and its September 2022 sales stood at 2,099 units. However, last year this company generated 2,186 units in the same month. The company also lost its market share by 0.1%, which is easy to achieve if its sales figure increases in the upcoming month.

    Kubota tractors are doing well in the Indian tractor market because of their stylish and powerful build quality. In September 2022, this brand generated sales of 1,388 units against 1,337 units in September 2021. Moreover, the company also increased its market share by 0.14%.

    VST Tillers & Tractors got around a 5.96% increase in its September 2022 tractor sales. It generated 533 sales against 503 units last year. Also, the company gained its share in the retail market by 0.07%.

    Captain Tractors is one of the fewest tractor brands that noticed major growth in their tractor sales in September 2022. The company generated sales of 516 units against 229 units in September 2021. It clearly shows that it got 125.32% growth and a gain in market share by 0.55%.

    Force Tractors got total sales of 344 units against 346 units in September 2021. The company lost its market share by 0.58%.

    Indo Farm Tractors noticed a huge sales drop in September 2022 compared to last year. Its sales dropped by 40.35%, and its market share also dropped by 0.25%.

    If we talk about other tractor brands in India, they recorded a 26.92% drop in their sales in September 2022. These tractor brands generated 1,732 unit sales in September 2022 against 2,370 units in 2021. These tractor brands also lost their market share by 1.15%.


    The domestic tractor sales in September 2022 were not promising, even with the start of the festive season. Many leading tractor brands like Swaraj, and Sonalika tractors faced a drop in sales. However, companies like Kubota, Eicher, and TAFE noticed an increase in their tractor sales and market share.

    So, we hope you have a brief idea of the September tractor sales report for the Indian market. If you wish to stay tuned with the latest tractor news, don't forget to keep checking CMV360. Our team keeps sharing recent news and articles on tractor and agricultural topics.

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