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Domestic Tractor Sales Increased By 40% In April 2022

Posted by Suraj On 21-May-2022 01:20 PM

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  • The Indian tractor market witnessed 40% growth in April 2022 than April 2021. The domestic tractor sales touched 89,201 units, whereas it was 63,447 in April 2021. Many experts said the growth in tractor sales happened due to healthy Rabi crops that allowed farmers to buy a tractor for easy harvesting.

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    The president of Mahindra and Mahindra said they sold the highest number of tractors in April month. Last month the total sales of Mahindra and Mahindra tractors crossed 39,400 units. In contrast, Mahindra and Mahindra had 26,130 sold in April 2021, which was comparatively less than the current one. Based on a 40% peak in last month's tractor sales in the domestic market, it's expected to see up to a 30% rise in production and sales of tractors.

    This article will look at the company-wise tractor sales in April 2022. so, you can understand which company sold the most tractors and made a profit.

    Domestic Tractor Sales Record Table

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    Below is a table showing the company-wise tractor sales in April 2022 and 2021. We have also added a bar chart to simplify the terms and give you ideal information. So, look at the table and chart to monitor which company sold the tractor the most.

    Domestic Tractor Growth Pie Chart

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    In this pie chart, you will see the growth of domestic tractor companies in April 2022. So, look at the pie chart and understand which company generated more growth after Mahindra and Mahindra.

    Mahindra & Mahindra recorded almost 50% growth in April because it sold about 39,405 units this month. And it was almost 15,000 units more than the previous year's April month. This tractor manufacturing company also named 3% additional market share this month. Based on the statement of the President of M&M, they sold-out 51% more tractors compared to last year. The sales are higher because farmers had an excellent Rabi crop that they sold out in the market at a higher rate than MSP.

    The Group also saw a massive increase in the number of sold units. In April 2022, the company sold 16,817 units in the domestic tractor market. Earlier, the company had record sales of 11,176 units in April 2021. It also saw an increase in its market share by 1.20 % in the domestic market. This company was the second company that generated the most return in April's sales.

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    In the third position, we have Sonalika Tractors, one of the leading players in the Indian tractor market. Last month this company made a 43.46% growth and sold 10,217 units. However, it sold out 7,122 units last year, which was 33% less than the current sales report. Mr. Raman Mittal gave a statement where he mentioned that they are one of few companies that generated significant profit in April. They saw 41% more sales and significant growth in market share in a competitive segment.

    Escorts Group sold out approx 1300 units of tractors and saw 20.2% growth in the domestic market. However, it had to sacrifice 1.45% loss in market share to recover later. Escorts said that due to the healthy Rabi crop, many farmers showed interest in buying a tractor for their farming. They also sold out their Rabi crop at a higher price than MSP. Hence they had money to buy a tractor and maximize their earning potential.

    John Deere Tractors is another company that benefited themselves last month by generating 8.4% growth. This company sold out 6992 units in April 2022 and had previous sales of 6450 on April 21. That shows that the company was able to make more sales this time than last year. However, it had to face a 2.33% loss of market share in the domestic market.

    New Holland Tractors saw nearly 40% growth in April and sold out 3224 units. However, the previous year the company recorded sales of 2309 units.

    Kubota Tractors is one of the leading tractor manufacturing companies that made a 54% growth in the domestic market. It sold out 2245 units on April 22 and 1456 units on April 21.

    Indo Farm Tractors sold out 560 units this April to make a 5.6% market growth. However, last year this company had sold 530 units and this year it sold 30 more units compared to last year.

    Preet Tractors witnessed slight growth in the domestic market of 2.12%. This company sold 531 units in April 2022; however, it sold 520 units last April. This time, you can see that this company sold 11 more units than last year to make a 2.12% growth.

    VST Tractor is one of the fewest companies that saw degrowth in April 2022. This company had to face a 10.76% market growth loss and sold only 423 units. And it was less compared to last year because that year it sold 474 units of tractors. Not only this, but this company also lost 0.27% of its market share in the domestic tractor market.

    Force Tractors is also a tractor manufacturing company that rose in the domestic market by 1.29%. This company sold 391 units whereas last year sold out only 74 units. Hence, this is one of the companies that got over 200% more sales than last year.

    Captain Tractors is a company with 36.7% growth and sold 347 units in April 2022. If you see last year's stat, Captain Tractors sold 254 units of its tractors. But this year it managed to increase the number and record more sales.

    SDF Tractors made 126 units sales this April whereas this company made 180 units of sales last year. So, based on the stat, this year, SDF Tractors saw a 30% decrease in domestic sales and lost a small percentage of market share.

    Domestic Tractor Sales Record Overall View

    Based on the table, graphs, and discussion, you can notice that April 22 was the month when the tractor industry saw 40% more sales. Brands like Mahindra and Mahindra, Sonalika, Tafe Group, and Escorts had a significant sales and market share. Farmers showed interest in buying tractors because they had a good Rabi crop and generated sufficient profit.

    And now they are ready for the Kharif crop as experts expect July month will provide sufficient rain. So, the farmers will start cropping for Kharif as well. Considering the same thing, the tractor manufacturing company will increase production by 25% to 30%. So, they can meet the requirements of farmers and generate more revenue.


    Today, we discussed the tractor sales report for April 2022 and understood the company-wise sales of the tractor this month. If you keep wanting to get updates and news related to the tractor and tractor industry, make sure you stay tuned with our platform. We keep sharing the latest news and updates for our audience so that they can benefit themself with a fresh piece of knowledge.

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