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Domestic Tractor Sales Report in August 2022

Posted by Suraj On 03-Sep-2022 03:45 PM

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  • Dear tractor buyers, welcome to CMV360. Today, we will analyze the domestic tractor sales report for August 2022. We will cover all the major brands and discuss their domestic sales.

    If you are interested in knowing which tractor brand gained more sales and which lost. Stay tuned with this post, as we will share the same.

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    Here are some of the domestic tractor sales report in August 2022


    M&M domestic tractor sales stood at 20,183 units in August 2022. Whereas in August 2021, the sales were 19,997 units. This data shows that this tractor manufacturer got a 1% sales increase this month. It also gained around 0.97% market share and performed better than other brands.


    TAFE Group tractors got the attention of buyers and reported August 2022 sales as 9,601 units. This sale was 1.49% less compared to August 2021 sales. Last year the company sold 9,746 tractor units.

    Sonalika Tractors

    Sonalika Tractors performed great in August, getting 2.48% more sales than last year. This time this company generated 7,014 tractors, whereas it had 5,814 units in August 2021.

    Escorts Group

    Escorts Group got a 7.89% increase in sales and performed better than other brands. In August 2022, the company sold 5,308 units against 4,920 units in August 2021. Along with this, this company also gained a 0.91% market share.

    John Deere

    August 2022 was not a good month for John Deere as its sales dropped by 36.31%. This company got 4,559 units sales against 7,158 units sales in August 2021. This company also lost its 4.68% market share in India.

    New Holland

    New Holland tractor brand saw a slight increase in domestic sales in August 2022. This company recorded 2,063 units sales against 2044 units sales in August 2021. On top of that, it got a 0.93% sales increase plus a 0.11% market share gain.


    Kubota, a Japanese tractor brand, got 1,802 unit sales in August 2022. It had 1,150 unit sales in August 2021. Kubota also gained 1.28% market sales and a 56.7% sales increase.

    Preet Tractor

    Preet Tractor saw a sales decline of 17.90%, as it sold only 500 units. However, last year this company had sales of 609 units. In addition, it also lost 0.19% market share in August 2022.

    Indo Farm Tractor

    Indo Farm Tractor also witnessed sales decline of 9.92%. This company sold 454 units in August 2022; previously, it generated 504 units in August 2021. It also had to face a decrease in its market share by 0.08%.

    VST Shakti

    VST tractors saw a sales decrease of 30.02% in August 2022. This company sold 450 tractors this month and had last month's sales of 193 units. VST also faced a market loss of 0.34%.


    This month was not good for Force tractors, as it faced a sales drop of 31.8%. It made 292 unit sales in August 2022 and had the last best sales of 428 in August 2021. This company also had to lose its market share by 0.24%.

    Captain Tractors

    Captain tractors got domestic sales of 270 units in August 2022 against 303 tractors sales in August 2021. This company witnessed a 10.89% sales drop and a 0.05% market loss.

    Ace Tractors

    Ace Tractors benefited itself by getting a 3.9% sales increase and got sales of 213 units against 205 units in August 2021. This tractor company got a 0.02% market share and a good customer base.

    SDF Tractors

    SDF tractor had 67 units in August 2022, whereas 200 units in August 2021. It clearly shows that this company made a 66.50% loss and a 0.25% market share decline.


    August 2022 was not a good month for most tractor companies. It is because most tractor companies faced a significant drop in sales and market share. Mahindra & Mahindra tractors also saw only a 1% sales increase. However, most companies think the uncertain monsoon has affected the rice crop. Hence, buyers had not shown much interest in purchasing a tractor.

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