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Posted by Priya Singh On 09-Aug-2022 10:09 AM

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  • ElectronEV, based in the United States, has announced its entry into India to produce light/medium and large commercial vehicles. The business, which operates a fleet of over 500 commercial EVs in the United States, is optimistic about the Indian EV growth story.

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    The business intends to introduce to the fast-growing Indian market its portfolio of customized EVs, vehicle management solutions, fleet management solutions, digital cockpit and IoT solutions, real-time data analytic tools, and charging infrastructure.

    ElectronEV intends to launch its unique EV technology through electric vehicles and end-to-end mobility solutions in countries such as India, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe. Light, medium, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as delivery vans, trucks, and buses will be included in the product line.

    According to the company, it "plans to target pain points such as battery technology limitations, high capital expenditure, the price of electric vehicles, the availability of charging infrastructure, and the time required to fully charge an electric vehicle through its smart, modular, heavy-duty battery with intelligent adaptive chassis and software-driven powertrain."

    ElectronEV will use a manufacturing approach of setting up micro-factories in conjunction with a modular technology stack to deliver higher production quantities closer to target customers.

    "India is becoming as the largest and fastest expanding market for EVs," says Akesh Koneru, founder of ElectronEV. He also added, “As a result, our goods will meet the needs of both the B2B and B2C segments in India. ElectronEV intends to launch its proprietary EV technology via electric vehicles and end-to-end mobility solutions in markets such as India, South East Asia, Australia, and Europe."

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