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Erisha E Mobility Launches New Electric Vehicles

Posted by Priya Singh On 08-Oct-2022 09:42 AM

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  • Erisha E Mobility Launches New E- Superior Electric Cargo Loader, E- Supreme Electric Delivery Van, and E- Smart Electric Passenger vehicle three-wheeler auto-rickshaw.


    Erisha E Mobility introduces a range of electric vehicles as per transportation industry needs. The main aim is to bring electric vehicles to the masses and contribute to the government's goal of having 8 crore electric vehicles on the road by 2030.

    Initially, Erisha E Mobility will launch six EV products in four phases, along with EV charging stations that will be installed at the outlets of Erisha E Mobility dealers/distributors and will be expanded on highways, petrol pumps, government institutes, residential and commercial complexes, and parking areas of various municipalities.

    The company intends to target all types of EVs, with a plan to launch products under the EV segment in Phase 1- electric 3-wheelers (L5 segment) - passenger - HD and Compact, Cargo, Delivery Van, and Electric charging stations with ratings of 3.3KW, 7.2KW, 10KW, and 14KW.

    In the L5 category, there are E- Superior Electric Cargo Loaders, E- Supreme Electric Delivery Van, and E- Smart Electric Passenger vehicle three-wheeler auto rickshaws to serve customers in the passenger and cargo carrier segments, as well as EV Charging Stations.

    Phase 2 entails the development of commercial vehicles ranging in capacity from 1.5 to 20 tonnes, followed by Phase 3 with electric 2-wheelers - Motorcycles and Scooters in both slow and high-speed domains. In addition, the company will transition into a full-range EV manufacturer with electric buses in 7m, 9m, and 12m ranges in the final phase.

    All of the newly released electric three-wheelers are equipped with a 51.2V Li-ion battery that provides a range of 120-140 km on a single charge and a charging time of fewer than 5 hours. All of these vehicles come with a standard 39-month warranty for your peace of mind. The E-auto is expected to be delivered in November 2022 and can be reserved in advance for a nominal fee of Rs. 2100/- online through the company website or at dealers across India. The company currently has 56 dealers/distributors across India, with another 48 on the way.


    The vehicles are priced at Rs. 3.89 Lakh for the E- Superior Electric Cargo Loader, 4.09 Lakh for the E- Supreme Electric Delivery Van, and 3.87 Lakh for the E- Smart Electric Passenger, all of which include EV Charging Stations. All the above-mentioned price is Ex-showroom price.

    Erisha E Mobility designed the electric vehicle in India for the Indian market, aligning VocalforLocal with the need for last-mile connectivity. The company has also announced the release of electric cargo 4-wheelers with capacities of 1.50 Mt, 2.50 Mt, and 3.00 Mt by the end of the year, as well as the release of 2-wheelers in various ranges and electric buses.

    About Erisha E Mobility Pvt. Ltd. Company

    Erisha E Mobility is an India-based company that is a subsidiary of the Rana Group. It is a manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of electric vehicles, electric three-wheelers and electric cargo loader vehicles, tippers for municipal waste collection, electric passenger buses, E auto rickshaws, E Loader, E Cargo, and Hydrogen fuel cell buses in India at the best prices. S Smart, E Superior, and E Supreme electric auto rickshaws are manufactured in the factory of Erisha, one of India's leading electric vehicle manufacturers. Erisha has established itself as one of the world's leading EV companies and suppliers of electric vehicles. To protect the planet and the environment, the company has committed to zero carbon emissions.

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