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Gulf Oil Lubricants announces a partnership with Piaggio Vehicles and Switch Mobility.

Posted by Priya Singh On 30-Sep-2022 12:04 PM

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  • Gulf Oil Lubricants India has announced an exclusive agreement for their lines of electric vehicle (EV) fluids with Piaggio Vehicles and Switch Mobility.


    Through this partnership, Piaggio Vehicles and Switch Mobility will have direct access to the entire range of EV fluids offered by the Hinduja Group company. The electric bus models EiV 12 and EiV 22 from Piaggio and Switch Mobility that the company will launch in India, respectively, will use these EV fluids.

    Gulf Oil, which offers a global range of EV fluids, has now partnered with Piaggio Vehicles and Switch Mobility in India. This is proof of a best-in-class product offering that will provide superior performance to Piaggio Vehicle's 3-wheeler EV transmission. Product offering for Switch Mobility will provide unrivalled performance to their electric buses across the board, including coolants and transmission fluids.

    The collaborations are part of Gulf Oil Lubricants' strategy to play a key role in the e-mobility value chain, even as the rapidly changing automotive landscape threatens to disrupt the traditional vehicle lubricant industry.

    Gulf Oil unveiled its line of EV fluids in September 2021, including Gulf Formula Hybrid for EVs and hybrid vehicles, as well as Gulf eLEC Coolant, Gulf eLEC Driveline Fluid, and Gulf eLEC Brake Fluid.

    "The acceptance of our products by marquee players like Piaggio Vehicles and Switch Mobility further augments our commitment to developing cutting-edge products for the EV sector," says Sanjay Hinduja, Chairman, Gulf Oil Lubricants India.


    Mahesh Babu, CEO of Switch India and COO of Switch Mobility, stated "Through our products Switch EiV 12 and Switch EiV 22, we bring efficiency, technology, and best-in-class total cost of operations. Our collaboration with Gulf Oil to develop Gulf ElecMax, a line of high-performance EV fluids, will provide our customers and end-users with superior performance that matches the intended usage patterns."

    Diego Graffi, Chairman & MD, Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited stated that "We have a successful alliance with Gulf Oil for a wide range of lubricants for our ICE Vehicles. We are collaborating with Gulf Oil on EV variants to provide high-performance solutions to our customers. We expect a long-term partnership that will help accelerate India's EV adoption."

    According to industry analysts, lubricants in India will grow at a CAGR of 2-3 per cent over the next 15 to 20 years due to demand from segments such as buses, trucks, and other heavy vehicles.

    In September of last year, Gulf Oil introduced a wide range of EV fluids, including Gulf Formula Hybrid, Gulf eLEC Coolant, Gulf eLEC Driveline Fluid, and Gulf eLEC Brake Fluid. Gulf Oil has also partnered with ElectreeFi, an EV SaaS provider, and Indra Technologies, a charger/mobility company based in the UK, to prepare for the future in India's sustainable mobility sector.

    Gulf Oil also intends to expand its operations in the Adblue and 2-wheeler battery segments.

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