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In India, Ashok Leyland Launches Bada Dost i1 and i2 LCV with car-like features.

Posted by Priya Singh On 30-Aug-2022 12:22 PM

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  • The Bada Dost i1 and Bada Dost i2 have higher power, mileage, payload, load body length, and loading area, allowing customers to generate more profit every trip.


    Ashok Leyland, the Hinduja group's main company, has expanded its BADA DOST model and introduced the BADA DOST i1 and BADA DOST i2. The company also introduced the BADA DOST Limited Edition, which includes industry-first innovations in a commercial vehicle.

    The BADA DOST i1 and i2 have payload capacities of 1250kg and 1425kg, respectively. They are intended to have the widest deck (1750mm) and the longest deck (2596 mm (8.5 ft) for i1 and 2745 mm (9 ft) for i2, which are the largest in the category. The vehicles let customers earn more profit per trip by providing higher power, mileage, payload, load body length, and loading space.

    The BADA DOST i1 and i2 have been ingeniously built with a reduced turning radius for improved compatibility for inter-city and intra-city applications, as well as ease of adjustment to diverse terrains.

    BADA DOST was launched in September 2020, and it had a tremendous effect on the market with best-in-class power, payload, and comfort. Furthermore, it provided a car-like experience and is the finest in the market in terms of sales and customer happiness.

    Ashok Leyland has also announced the BADA DOST Limited Edition, which will be the first commercial vehicle to have a central locking function, keyless entry, and anti-theft features - features often found in passenger vehicles. The goal is to deliver features that increase driving comfort and improve the consumer experience.

    "Today is a significant day for us, as we commemorate our second anniversary of BADA DOST," stated Dheeraj Hinduja, executive chairman of Ashok Leyland. He also added, “On this occasion, we are pleased to fulfil our pledge of expanding our BADA DOST line by introducing the BADA DOST i1 and BADA DOST i2. LCV is a crucial growth area for Ashok Leyland, and the Bada Dost Range would play a critical part in boosting our domestic and international sales, propelling us on our road to being a Global Top 10 commercial vehicle manufacturer."

    "Our DOST and BADA DOST series have been some of the most successful cars in the segment," said Rajat Gupta, Ashok Leyland's head of LCV.

    “It brings us great pleasure to introduce these new products. BADA DOST is a customer-centric product that provides a superior experience and has gained the customer's faith and trust. We have 35,000 vehicles functioning successfully today, demonstrating the range's strength. These new items will broaden our offers and cover a broader variety of payload capacity and applications, bolstering our LCV portfolio. Our goal is to maintain our aggressive market share gains in the LCV class.", he added.


    These two new vehicles also include an ARAI-certified 3-seater walkthrough cabin for added comfort and space. It has the widest cabin in this segment, making it extremely big and luxurious. The wide seat design may be transformed into a bed, allowing the consumer to rest comfortably in between travels. The ergonomically positioned dash-mounted gear change lever, dual-tone dashboard, and digital instrument cluster improve the looks and provide the consumer with a premium car-like experience. The car has air conditioning, allowing clients to drive longer distances without becoming fatigued, especially during peak summer months.

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