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Ludhiana MC took trials on e-rickshaws for garbage lifting in four wards of the city

Posted by Priya Singh On 13-Jul-2022 05:49 AM

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  • There are 40 e-rickshaws distributed among garbage collectors in Ludhiana out of 350. All these are purchased at a price of ₹8.5 crores.

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    Ludhiana MC has started these e-rickshaws for the door-to-door lifting of waste in Ludhiana.

    The MC has given waste collectors 40 e-rickshaws in four wards of the city, as part of the trial run to check their efficiency. E-rickshaw will save time and energy for garbage collectors who are using carts for the door-to-door lifting of garbage.

    An official said, sometimes garbage collectors are not able to reach a place of the dump, so they dump the waste in open plots, which spread pollution in the environment. With e-rickshaws, it will be easy for the collectors to reach easily at the dump locations.

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    E-rickshaws are divided into two separate containers for wet, and dry waste. A partition has been made in the container of e-rickshaws to collect dry and wet waste.

    Earlier it was difficult to collect the separate dry and wet waste in the city, but now it’s far easy to get it done through e rickshaw. The container which is attached to the e-vehicles has one partition and it can carry waste in two carts which can cover a distance of 75 km after fully charged. Garbage collectors are also given the training to run these e-vehicles in the city.

    MC commissioner Shena Aggarwal said that "The trial has been started to check the working of e-vehicles in the city. This system of disposal is already working in Chennai and now it’s introduced in Ludhiana on a trial basis, but soon it will be launched fully, after delivering of remaining e-rickshaws to the garbage collectors".

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