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Omega Seiki Mobility and Log9 Came Together To Develop Range+ RapidEV Pro

Posted by Suraj On 01-Aug-2022 10:22 AM

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  • Omega Seiki Mobility and Log9, a Bengaluru-based startup, have come together to manufacture the next-generation Range+ RapidEV Pro three-wheeler. OSM is already a leading company in the EV segment and has partnered with Log9 for a long-term collaboration. The newly launched Range+ is available in two variants, 140 cubic ft and 170 cubic ft. Log9, an emerging startup for making rapid charge batteries, has developed a 7.7KWH InstaCharged rapid 8,000 battery for OSM.

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    These batteries can be charged from 0-100% within 45 minutes and offer an average range of 95 km. This updated EV three-wheeler offers increased range and fast charging support. This three-wheeler is ideal for small fleet owners to carry goods from one place to another. OSM designed this model to meet the intra-city needs of eCommerce brands. Log9 has manufactured its InstaCharged batteries considering Indian weather conditions. The company has highlighted that its batteries are water and dust-proof. And it can provide superior power in temperatures of -40 degrees to 60 degrees.

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    LOG9 has offered a six years or unlimited kilometres warranty to the buyers of the newly launched Rang+. The company has shown its battery carries 10,000 charging cycles. LOG9 has also worked with Northway Groups to manufacture the first EV commercial vehicle with manual gears, where Northway made its powertrain.

    OSM and LOG9 are both working together with a long-term goal. And they have planned to manufacture over 5,000 long-range EVs. OSM has contributed its additional role to make the vehicle safe and maintenance-free to give the best performance in every field. This company has started manufacturing the initial 5,000 units and has already received the order from LetsTransport and Moving for 1,000 units.

    The COO and Co-Founder, Kartik Hajela of Log9, said that the newly launched Range+ RapidEV Pro would redefine the TCO for the 3W segment. The company has updated its range and power to give better performance. This value proportion will motivate e-commerce to adopt EV easily to their business and get good profit margins. Range+ Pro has long-distance coverage capabilities that can ensure delivery work in a single charge.

    Log9 has a plan to work on charging infrastructure to build a healthy ecosystem to charge these EVs. In short, OSM, a single company that manufactures 2W, 3W, and 4W electric vehicles for its range of customers, has partnered with Log9 for a long-term collaboration. And both companies have launched Range+ RapidEV Pro, which has a 95 km range.

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