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PM Modi to Inaugurate 600 Fertilizer Shops on 17 October 2022

Posted by Suraj On 15-Oct-2022 10:14 AM

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  • Dear farmers, today we have good news for you that will bring a smile to your face. PM Modi will inaugurate 600 fertilizer shops on 17 October 2022. So, the farmers of India can get fertilizers, seeds, and compost at affordable prices. Moreover, it will balance the supply chain and avoid the shortage of seeds and fertilizer during Rabi and Kharif crops. Also, you will not have to go to different retail outlets to buy seeds and fertilizers.

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    As per media reports, PM Modi will attend Agri Startup Conclave and Kisan Sammelan 2022 in New Delhi and inaugurate these new outlets there. The government is saying it is a Fertilizer Retail One-Stop Shop, as farmers can buy all types of seeds and required fertilizers without running to multiple shops.

    Model Fertilizer Retail One-Stop Shop: Explained

    Fertilizer is the primary need for Indian farmers to grow their crops properly. And to buy fertilizers, Indian farmers need to buy these from shops of the company's dealer. These fertilizer company-operated dealers do not maintain any record of fertilizer inputs. As a result, farmers are required to visit multiple shops to buy ideal fertilizer and other inputs.

    To solve this problem of farmers, the central government decided to start these retail shops so that farmers could buy all the inputs in one place. Since these shops provide all the inputs, they are named Model Fertilizer Retail One-Stop Shops.

    On these retail outlets, farmers will have the option to purchase agrochemicals, fertilizers, seeds, and a bunch of other inputs required for farming. Not only this, but these outlets will also provide soil testing facilities and information about new government schemes for farmers.

    The Number of Model Fertilizer Retail One Stop Shop Will Increase

    If the Model Fertilizer Retail One Stop Shop works well and helps farmers to get ideal fertilizer and benefits. The government will increase the number of retail outlets under this scheme. Currently, it is planned to set up 600 retail shops in various locations across India. This great initiative is in its early stage, and it's expected it will drive great results in the future.

    PM Modi will also Issue the 12th Installment of PM Kishan Yojna.

    The media reports state that PM Modi will issue the 12th installment of PM Kishan Yojna on this day. If this happens, about 11 lakh farmers will get benefits and Rs 2,000 in their linked bank accounts. Under PM Kishan Yojna, the central government provides Rs 6,000 yearly to farmers in three installments after four months each.


    If you are a farmer and face challenges while buying seeds, fertilizer, and other agricultural chemicals, soon you will have a one-stop shop under the central government's scheme. These Model Fertilizer Retail One-Stop Shops will offer all agricultural inputs, soil testing facilities, and information about the latest government schemes. As a result, farmers like you will not have to visit multiple shops to bring relevant inputs or face challenges while obtaining government schemes.

    Thus, we hope this information will help you and bring a smile to your face. If you keep willing to stay tuned with such exciting agricultural news, you can stay tuned with us. We also share interesting posts on tractors, trucks, EVs, and comparison articles.

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