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Tata Motors launches new pickups: Yodha 2.0, Intra V20 bi-fuel and Intra V50

Posted by Priya Singh On 26-Sep-2022 09:28 AM

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  • Tata Motors acknowledged the release of India's best pickup by delivering 750 units to customers across the country.


    Tata Motors, India's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, launched the Yodha 2.0, Intra V20 bi-fuel, and Intra V50 today, setting new milestones in India's exponentially growing pickup category. These robust pickups boast a dramatic new design and the biggest load-carrying capacity, longest deck length, and longest range, as well as various modern amenities required for safe and enjoyable driving. The new Yodha 2.0, Intra V20 bi-fuel, and Intra V50 are designed and manufactured to meet the diversified mobility needs of the fast-growing agriculture, poultry, and dairy sectors, as well as the expanding delivery requirements of the FMCG, e-commerce, and logistics sectors.

    Each of these pickups has the lowest total cost of ownership in its segment, allowing our customers to maximize profitability. Tata Motors acknowledged the release of India's best pickup by delivering 750 units to customers across the country.

    Mr Girish Wagh, Executive Director, Tata Motors, said at the launch of the new pickups, "Our small commercial vehicles are known for delivering livelihoods to millions of customers and facilitating their success. As their drive for company success and a better life grows bolder, they will find an excellent match in our new pickups, which have been particularly co-developed to meet their increasing needs. Every part of these pickups has been methodically designed to serve a wide range of functions in urban, semi-urban, and rural locations. They have a radical new design and the highest payload capacity to transport greater goods; the longest deck length to handle voluminous loads; the highest power-to-weight ratio, the longest range to traverse the most distance; and modern technology. The overall value proposition given by our extensive range of pickups is unrivalled, with the all-terrain capability to reach the most distant regions and the support of India's largest dealer and service network. The introduction of these new-generation pickups reaffirms our commitment to always empower and equip clients with best-in-class vehicles to bring more progress and success."

    Some features of three new pickups are discussed below:

    tata v 50.jpg

    Tata Yodha 2.0 Key Features

    • Maximum rated payload: 2000kg
    • The 2.2L diesel engine produces 250Nm of torque.
    • Maximum grade-ability of 30%
    • Metallic bumper and fender for a more robust appearance.
    • Strongest off-road capability

    The new Yodha 2.0, with its robust components, can easily tackle the hardest terrain, ensuring seamless and speedier cargo movement in distant corners of the country. Among other functional improvements, the Yodha 2.0 has a redesigned appearance with tough aesthetics, Tata's hallmark 'Trust Bar,' and a Stylish grille.

    The Yodha is also available in 1200, 1500, and 1700kg rated payload variants, 4xx4 and 4x2 configurations, and single and crew cab options, allowing customers to select the best model and cab type for their needs. The Intra V50 smart pickup has a high-rated payload capacity of 1500kg and the longest deck length.

    Tata Intra V50 Key Features

    • Maximum rated payload capacity: 1500kg
    • The 1.5L diesel engine produces 220Nm of torque.
    • The longest load body is 2960mm long.
    • Longest deck length.

    With its high payload capacity, cutting-edge cabin comfort, longest load deck, and high ground clearance for worry-free all-terrain operations in urban and semi-urban regions, the new Intra V50 redefine the segment.

    Tata Intra V20 bi-fuel Key Features

    • The 1.2L bi-fuel engine produces 106Nm of torque.
    • The maximum payload for a bi-fuel CV is 1000kg.
    • The maximum range is 700km

    Tata Motors unveiled the Intra V20, the country's first bi-fuel (CNG + petrol) commercial vehicle with a payload capacity of 1000kg, which combines the ruggedness of the renowned Intra V20 capabilities with the lower running costs of CNG to give added value.


    The Intra is the primary pickup of over 1 lakh satisfied customers and is appropriate for a variety of applications. Built on Tata Motors' proven 'Premium Tough' design concept, the Intra range offers modern features such as a walkthrough interior and a dash-mounted gear lever, as well as V10 and V30 specs, making it a sensible pickup choice for a variety of tasks.

    Customers also benefit from the best-in-industry after-sales services, quick availability of spares, and value-added services provided by the Sampoorna Seva 2.0 program, which includes:

    • Tata Zippy: 48-hour problem resolution guarantee and repair time assurance program
    • Tata Alert: Roadside assistance program for automobiles under warranty, with guaranteed issue resolution within 24 hours.
    • Tata Guru: 50,000+ qualified technicians across the country to give roadside and workshop assistance for repairs and services.
    • Tata Bandhu: A one-of-a-kind app that connects all stakeholders - mechanics, drivers, and fleet owners - on a single platform for quick access to Tata Gurus when needed.

    A 360-degree, nationwide multimedia marketing campaign has been created to engage audiences through emotive storytelling that brings the various characteristics and features of the newly introduced pickups to live. These advertisements effectively showcase major features of the various pickups, as well as Tata Motors' engineering expertise, service ecosystem, and simplicity of access.


    Tata Motors aspires to provide new vehicles that spark the interest of GenNext customers, fueled by state-of-the-art design and R&D centres in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, and South Korea. With a focus on engineering and tech-enabled automotive solutions for the future of mobility, the company's innovation activities are centred on developing pioneering technologies that are both sustainable and fit to the market's and customers' increasing ambitions. The company is leading India's Electric Vehicle (EV) transition and driving the change toward sustainable mobility solutions by establishing a tailored product strategy, leveraging the synergy amongst Group companies, and taking an active role in policy development in collaboration with the government.

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