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Tata Motors Prawaas 3.0 Launch: Safe, Smarter & sustainable next gen mass mobility solution

Posted by Priya Singh On 07-Aug-2022 04:55 AM

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  • Tata Motors is showing Prawaas 3.0, its next-generation last-mile connectivity and long-haul passenger commercial vehicles. The new vehicle lineup includes seven new models: the Starbus Long Range CNG, the Ultra Electric 9/9, the Magna 13.5m sleeper coach, the LPO 10.2 CNG AC school, the Winger 9S, the Magic Express, and the Caravan.

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    Tata Motors, India's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer and the country's top passenger commercial mobility firm, will showcase seven cutting-edge mass mobility solutions at Prawaas 3.0. Tata Motors will present a broad product portfolio of passenger commercial vehicles across several fuel alternatives at the third edition of India's flagship bus and auto travel expo, scheduled for the 5th and 6th of August 2022 in Hyderabad. Tata Motors exhibits modern and sustainable solutions for both last-mile and long-haul mass mobility demands at Prawaas 3.0, aligning with the theme 'Towards safe, smart, and sustainable passenger mobility.'

    Mr Rohit Srivastava, Vice President, Product Line - Buses, Tata Motors, stated on the occasion, "Tata Motors is thrilled to participate in the latest edition of Prawaas. This has evolved into a wonderful venue for displaying new goods and technologies, as well as giving opportunities for deeper collaboration among operators, business visitors, and other players in this market. This year's themes emphasize the critical importance of utilizing emerging technology and innovation to make sustainable transportation a reality. Tata Motors has always been a pioneer in the industry, and our extensive and smart range of vehicles come with a variety of clean fuel options, with their trademark guarantee of safety, comfort, and efficiency."

    At Prawaas 3.0, Tata Motors will showcase India's first front-engine 13.5-metre bus, the Magna sleeper coach for intercity and luxury travel. The Ultra Electric 9/9 bus, specially built for staff transportation, as well as the Starbus Long Range CNG and LPO 10.2 CNG AC school bus, will be on display during the event.


    The exhibition also includes a customized Caravan with modern amenities, ideal for elegant leisure travel. The legendary Winger 9S and Magic Express, suitable for last-mile passenger transportation, combine ergonomic seating designs and large configurations that provide unrivalled comfort for both driver and passengers. Each of the featured items has the lowest overall cost of operations while also having the highest efficiency and profitability potential.

    Tata Motors is dedicated to the goal of future clean and sustainable mobility solutions. It has taken significant steps to encourage alternative fuel technology. The most recent is its efforts to advance hydrogen fuel cell technology. The company is the first in India to receive an order from Indian Oil Corporation for 15 Hydrogen Fuel Cell buses. Tata Motors is the market leader in battery electric transportation, having delivered more than 715 e-buses in various cities across the country, with a total mileage of more than 40 million kilometres. The company also provides the most comprehensive variety of CNG buses across all classifications, delivering lower operational costs and increased profitability for operators.

    Tata Motors passenger commercial vehicle lineup includes Fleet Edge - Tata Motors next-generation digital solution for effective fleet management - as standard equipment. Fleet Edge provides customers with an end-to-end connected experience that gives them greater control over their complete business operations.

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