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TI Clean Mobility has launched the Montra Electric Auto

Posted by Priya Singh On 09-Sep-2022 06:05 AM

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  • The new Montra Electric logo is inspired by an 'eagle,' which represents growing ambition, vision, agility, efficiency, and perseverance to achieve greatness.


    Montra Electric is a subsidiary of TII-Tube Investments of India Limited that aims to transform the automotive market with cutting-edge new products, a SUPER AUTO (3-Wheeler) concept, and the creation of a channel of distribution and services to help the EV segment thrive. The brand wants to accelerate the dreams and ambitions of a whole new generation by providing innovative, best-in-class mobility solutions that drive progress. All of these businesses are part of India's Murugappa group (Bharat).

    The new Montra Electric logo is inspired by an 'eagle,' which represents growing ambition, vision, agility, efficiency, and perseverance to achieve greatness. This car will be more customer-centric, and the lithium battery will be less expensive as a result of advanced and economical technology. The majority of this EV's components, such as the chassis and technology, are manufactured in India. This EV's appearance will alter how people perceive autorickshaws with a high aerodynamic appearance. There is a storage box in the back, and the seats are made of quality comfy leather with plenty of headroom for tall individuals.

    Arun Murugappan, Executive Chairman of Tube Investments of India, commented on the occasion, saying, "Montra Electric 3W will inaugurate a new era of growth and innovation. We put our finest resources and time into developing this product. We're looking forward to hearing from customers. At TI Clean Mobility, we strive to provide products and solutions that are both profitable for our clients and profitable for us. With Montra Electric we work towards carbon neutrality. Electric 3W is one of the EV sectors with the most potential for growth. This section will have a big impact on India's goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2070."

    Due to its interior and exterior design, Montra Electric will be far more spacious than currently available vehicles. Montra Electric seeks to develop direct-to-house logistics for cost-effective and clean solutions, and the company's data study revealed that around 70% of all three-wheelers will transition to electric due to its sturdy metal body, which gives this EV a strong endurance. It also boasts a car-like roof, a huge windshield, an aerodynamic appearance, and elegant safety dual doors.


    The organization revealed that 40 dealers have already been on board, with a goal of reaching 100 locations by the end of FY2023. It intends to launch across the country in stages, beginning with the South.

    "It is offered in three variants - Soft top, hard top, and long-variant, and the pricing ranges from Rs 3.02 - 3.42 lakh," said KK Paul, MD, TICMPL. These are ex-showroom prices and include all subsidies.

    According to the company spokesperson, it features the highest 10 kWh battery pack in the category, offering a greater range of 197km (ARAI certified) and 155+/-5km. It is also supposed to have an industry-leading peak torque of 60 Nm and a top speed of 55kmph. It also has numerous drive modes for improved economy and Park Assist for improved maneuverability.

    This EV is offered in two models. 10kwh and 7 kWh batteries with a 7-point battery sensor for added security, fireproof cables, and a BMS response time of fewer than 500 microseconds.

    On his phone, an EV owner can view internal vehicle data such as vehicle health, driver's expert score, pocket mechanic DIY guide, charging status, position tracking, Document holder, earning ledger, and service book. All of this is available in seven languages (Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, English, Kannada, and Malayalam).

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