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Toshiba India has signed an agreement with EVage to supply batteries for electric commercial vehicles

Posted by Priya Singh On 12-Oct-2022 07:04 AM

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  • Toshiba will supply its SCiB rechargeable lithium-ion cells to EVage and give power to the next 10,000 electric commercial vehicles.


    Toshiba India has signed an agreement with EVage company. Toshiba will supply its SCiB rechargeable lithium-ion cells to EVage and give power to the next 10,000 electric commercial vehicles. Toshiba's SCiB cells have been proven to have high functionality across charge and temperature ranges while maintaining high levels of safety, according to the company. Using these technologies, EVage's battery pack is safe for full operation up to 65 degrees Celsius and is extremely impact-resistant with a low risk of thermal runaway.

    This collaboration comes after two years of research and development to incorporate these cells into EVage's proprietary ultra-stable and rapid-charging battery packs.

    According to the company, this is the first deployment of lithium titanium oxide (LTO) cells into commercial delivery vans, assisting EVage vehicles to achieve breakthroughs in battery safety, reliability, and performance, a significant benefit for its delivery fleet customers. The SCiB rechargeable battery employs lithium titanium oxide (LTO) in its anode to achieve a long life of over 20,000 charge/discharge cycles, rapid charging, high input/output performance, excellent low-temperature performance, and a wide SOC range, all of which contribute to its long life.

    EVage battery packs based on Toshiba's SCiB cells will be safe for full operation up to 65°C and extremely impact resistant, with a low risk of thermal runaway. Furthermore, these can be fully recharged in 20 minutes.

    As per EVage company, "The agreement ensures that there will be enough cells available in 2023 to meet EVage's aggressive production ramp-up and to fulfil the thousands of existing reservations for its delivery vans in India. The collaboration with Toshiba India also ensures that EVage meets its cost and margin targets."

    "Our pledge of 'Committed to People, committed to the Future.' represents sustainable development and growth at the core of our business operations. We would like to contribute to the realization of a Carbon Neutral society in India and value EVage's ability to materialize the performance of Toshiba's product with its unique features of safety, long life, and rapid charging,” said Shuichi Ito, managing director of Toshiba India.


    EVage is a key supplier of zero-emissions electric vans to global companies like Amazon and India's largest and fastest-growing logistics company, Delhivery. Electric commercial vehicles are transforming their logistics fleets.

    EVage goal has always been to make electrification a painless transition, including making charging as quick as fuelling today. It took years of development to get the EVage battery pack to this point, during which EVage tested numerous cell technologies.

    Inderveer Singh, founder & CEO, EVage, said, “It's exciting to announce today, in collaboration with Toshiba India, that EVage will bring LTO chemistry cells to commercial trucks for the first time with the Toshiba SCiB line. Their performance allows our customers to achieve the best economics in their fleets, and Toshiba's scale allows EVage to meet our key cost and margin targets."


    Toshiba India Private Limited (Toshiba India) is an entirely owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation in Japan. The company has a nearly 60-year history in India. Toshiba began powering India long before the government's 'Make in India' initiative by manufacturing and exporting from India.


    EVage has combined automobile design with the ingenuity of aerospace engineering. EVage uses fast-charging, ultra-stable batteries with advanced chemistry to ensure minimal downtime, high safety, and long life.

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