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In Mumbai, India's first electric double-decker bus is unveiled to promote sustainability in the transportation sector.

Posted by Priya Singh On 23-Aug-2022 05:01 AM

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  • Two new electric buses, including the country's first air-conditioned double-decker bus, will join the fleet of the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Corporation (BEST).


    Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways unveiled India's first electric double-decker bus in Mumbai. Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis, and other dignitaries were present there. With the introduction of the new buses, the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Corporation will add two new electric buses to its fleet, including the country's first air-conditioned double-decker bus (BEST). On social media, photos and videos of a double-decker bus and a blue single-decker bus have gone viral.

    On the occasion, Nitin Gadkari stated, "There is a long-term need to reform the country's transportation sector. We are attempting to construct a low footprint and high passenger density integrated EV mobility ecosystem with an emphasis on urban transportation reform. With rising consumer demand for greener solutions, the government's vision and regulations are encouraging EV adoption. I'd like to congratulate Switch Mobility, an Ashok Leyland company, on resurrecting the double-decker and for remaining committed to integrating new technology for the benefit of passengers and society overall."

    Gadkari went on to say that the government's vision and policies encourage EV adoption, citing rising consumer demand for greener alternatives.

    Dheeraj Hinduja, Switch Mobility Chairman stated, "When Ashok Leyland originally introduced the double-decker in Mumbai in 1967, it was a pioneer among Indian manufacturers, and Switch is keeping on that history. With our strong expertise in double deckers in both India and the UK and over 100 Switch electric double-deckers in service on UK roads, we are delighted to not only bring this icon back to life but also to reinforce our commitment to developing this form factor for India and the rest of the world ".

    The electric double-decker bus, manufactured by Switch Mobility Ltd (Switch), has more capacity and can transport nearly twice as many seated people as a single-decker bus.

    The electric bus boasts a modern design with appealing interiors and exteriors. The bus meets the most recent safety regulations, with broad front and back doors, two staircases, and an emergency entrance.

    The bus is the world's first standard-floor, air-conditioned, electric double-decker, featuring a wider door on the back overhang and a rear staircase. The lightweight aluminium body structure of the double-decker provides a higher passenger-to-weight ratio and a competitive cost per kilometre, per passenger.

    Each seat has a lightweight cushion, and the interiors provide car-like comfort for passengers. This cutting-edge electric double-decker is a perfect answer for urban travel because it takes up less road, terminal, and depot floor area per seated passenger.


    A 231 kWh capacity, 2-string, liquid-cooled, greater density NMC chemistry battery pack with dual gun charging mechanism powers Switch EiV 22. This gives the electric double-decker a range of up to 250 kilometres for intra-city usage.

    Switch India has already received an order for 200 electric double-decker buses in Mumbai and is targeting a dominant position in the electric double-decker category in major regions across the country.

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