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Top 10 Maintenance Tips To Keep Three-Wheeler In New Condition

Posted by Suraj On 24-May-2022 06:41 AM

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  • Three-wheeler maintenance is essential, especially during summer and rainy weather. Your commercial vehicle is the primary source of your earnings; it might cause you a significant loss if some damage happens. So, whether you have purchased a brand new three-wheeler truck for your business or already have one. It's an essential article where you will learn tips for three-wheeler care in India. We have covered each relevant term you must check in your pickup three-wheeler. So, it can give you long-lasting performance and maximize your income potential. Hence, please read this article until the end, gather all the easy three-wheeler maintenance tips, and use them to care for your auto-rickshaw.

    10 Maintenance Tips for Three-Wheeler in India

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    1. Brake Maintenance

    Do you know most commercial vehicle accidents happen due to brake failure and wear? Brake maintenance is essential from the current perspective as any single ignorance can lose your truck and even cause your or your driver's health. Hence, you can run brake wear and failure checks at regular intervals. So, you can stay up today when you have to replace your truck's brakes. And it can transport goods and other items in a less risky manner. However, when you replace the brakes, you may also have to install new brake springs, bushing, and other accessories. Because all these things will help brake work well and keep functioning for the long term.

    2. Oiling

    Whether you own or rent a three-wheeler, it's essential to do regular check-ups for oil and change it at some intervals. In the summer, the oil's efficiency reduces at a scale, and if you do not replace it, it can increase the speed of thermal breakdown in oil. But if you change the oil at regular intervals, it will help your truck stay away from corrosion. Also, if your vehicle goes on a dusty road and covers a long distance on the same road, it's good to replace the oil quickly. Because if you do not do it, then dust particles will enter in oil and cause damage to the affected area.

    3. Drive at an Average Speed

    The engine in most three-wheeler commercial vehicles is not so powerful. And therefore, you must be mindful of this while loading goods and driving your vehicle. If you deliver goods in cities or villages on good condition roads, it's recommended to keep speed up to 40 km/hr. Because going to 40 km/hr speed is safe for you and your vehicle, it also gives a stress-free driving experience. If you push your commercial vehicle's engine at its limit, it can get heat and cause mechanical damage. As a result, you will have to take service and burn your money.

    4. Tires Care

    Do you know which part of your three-wheeler is so unprotected? It is your vehicle's tyers, and it always keeps coming in contact with the road and other objects. And if you do not care for tyres, it can get damaged and cause you a loss. You must make sure the tires are well inflated and work well. Because if tires work well, they will give good mileage, provide stable drive, and save some money that you spend on fuel. Most drivers of three-wheelers do not have a sufficient budget to spend on maintenance. Hence, it's good to consider this three-wheeler maintenance tip and save some money.

    5. Attention to Tyre Pressure

    When you drive your commercial vehicle, you should also check out the air pressure in the tire. Because when the tire has less air pressure, in that case, it will not run properly. As a result, you will suffer from slow delivery, extra pressure on the engine, and bad reviews from your clients. So, it's another helpful tip that will increase the lifespan of your three-wheeler and increase productivity.

    6. Engine Care

    Your next tip for maintaining your three-wheeler for years is to care for the engine. Most three-wheeler commercial vehicles do not come with a powerful engine. They are designed to deliver low weight and cover a shorter distance than a mini truck. If you use your three-wheeler commercial vehicle for goods delivery or passenger service. It's good to have periodic engine check-ups to ensure the engine is working well and does not need any part replacement. If you find any issue in the early stage, it will not cost you much to repair. But at a later stage, there can be significant damage, requiring lots of repair charges.

    7. Body Issues

    Sometimes your three-wheeler can get a dent or be hit by another vehicle. In that case, you should fix that problem by contacting an ideal professional. You can even take the help of a service center or can hire a local mechanic. If your three-wheeler's body is affected by rust, it's essential to wash your CV every 10-15 days. If the paint is coming out, you can also paint your vehicle's body. It will ensure a long life and help you get an efficient driving experience.

    8. Fix Electrical Issues

    It's one of the common issues most drivers and commercial vehicle owners face. Most of them ignore it, and later their vehicle's significant parts stop working and require a long maintenance process. If you also have the same problem, it's suggested to consult with an expert at the initial stage. Because here, you can quickly fix the minor electrical issues and find out the major ones. So, you can avoid future losses and make some essential improvements to use your vehicle again for commercial use.

    9. Part Replacement

    If you want to keep the look of your three-wheeler new, it's good to spend a little money on some part replacement. Mostly you spend on replacing old brakes, LED indicators, bolts, and other accessories. Because over time, these parts get damaged and do not work well. Hence, to get the proper output from the vehicle, you spend little money to fix the issue. You can recover all money spent by getting more output from your vehicle in the long term.

    10. Fuel Tank

    Your vehicle's fuel tank should be moisture free to keep the good flow of fuel to power up the engine. You might think this tip is not essential for your three-wheeler CV. But if you consider it, it will surely increase your vehicle's productivity and maximize your earnings. You are required to check out the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your three-wheeler and find the ideal ways to keep the fuel tank moisture-free.


    Whether you own an auto-rickshaw, three-wheeler pickup truck, or other similar vehicles, you can keep in mind these tips because they are highly beneficial to increase your vehicle's life and earnings. Applying some of the mentioned tips will increase the productivity of your three-wheeler truck or rickshaw. And as a result, you will start earning more money from your fuel-efficient vehicle. We hope now you have a clear idea of maintenance tips for a three-wheeler. And you are ready to apply some of these methods to make the most of your investment. However, if you need more articles on three-wheeler and truck-related topics, you can feel free to follow our platform.

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