Powertrac Tractors in India

Powertrac tractors price in India begins from Rs 3.30 Lakh to Rs 8.40 Lakh. Powertrac has introduced over 34 tractor models from 25 horsepower to 60 horsepower category. This tractor brand in India has launched mini tractors to heavy-duty tractor mod...

Upcoming Tractors

Sonalika Tiger Di 75

Sonalika Tiger Di 75

₹ 14.40 Lakh Onwards

Sonalika Tiger Di 65

Sonalika Tiger Di 65

₹ 9.25 Lakh Onwards

Swaraj 969 FE

Swaraj 969 FE

₹ 8.90 Lakh Onwards

Mahindra  YUVO TECH Plus 475

Mahindra YUVO TECH Plus 475

₹ 6.85 Lakh Onwards

Farmtrac 3600

Farmtrac 3600

₹ 6.60 Lakh Onwards

ACE Veer 20

ACE Veer 20

₹ 3.30 Lakh Onwards

Key Highlights of Powertrac Tractors

Popular Models34
Most ExpensivePowertrac Euro 60
Affordable ModelPowertrac 425 N
Upcoming ModelsPowertrac ALT 3000
Fuel TypeDiesel
No. Of Dealerships2478

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Powertrac Tractor Questions & Answers

The domestic sales of tractors in India have doubled in a couple of years, and Powertrac has risen as one of the best tractor brands in India. Seeing such positive growth, Powertrac has already introduced over 34 tractors and is willing to introduce 1 upcoming tractors too.

Powertrac is known for its rough & tough, and reliable tractors in India. Its tractors can function well on the field and on the road applications. If we talk about Powertrac's most popular tractor in India, it's the Powertrac Euro 50.

If you want to get the latest price details for Powertrac tractors for 2023, CMV360 will be a good platform. Here we aim to keep you updated with the latest tractor price in India, along with their key specifications and finance facility.

Powertrac tractors are available in 25 HP to 60 HP.

Powertrac is a top tractor brand in India and offers a wide portfolio under diverse horsepower categories. The price range of Powertrac tractors varies from ₹ 3.30 Lakh to ₹ 8.40 Lakh.

Powertrac has recently launched Powertrac ALT 3000 in the Indian market. This tractor model has an engine capacity of 1841 cc and a lifting capacity of 1600 Kg.

Powertrac has launched many mini tractors in India with reliable engines and compact dimensions. Some of the popular Powertrac mini tractors in India are the Powertrac 425 N and Powertrac Euro G28.

Powertrac is known for top-notch tractor models that meet modern emission norms, provide high power, and good mileage. This tractor brand is planning to launch about 1 upcoming tractors within 2023.

The 4WD tractors do great work on uneven fields and off-road operations. Powertrac has introduced many promising 4WD tractors in India and some of them are Powertrac Euro G28.

Most 2WD tractors come within budget and offer superior performance on the dry field and flat roads. If you are looking for the best 2WD Powertrac tractors in India, you can buy Powertrac 439, Powertrac 434 and Powertrac Euro 45 Plus.

Powertrac tractors are known for their sturdy build and robust engine technology, and Powertrac’s tractor models can lift up to 2000 Kg of farm equipment.

Powertrac Tractor ModelsHP CategoryLifting CapacityPrice
Powertrac Euro 5050 HP2000 Kg6.90 Lakh
Powertrac 43941 HP1500 / 1600 Senis-1 Kg5.65 Lakh
Powertrac 43437 HP1500 Kg4.95 Lakh
Powertrac 43739 HP1600& Sensi-1 Hydraulics Kg5.20 Lakh
Powertrac Euro 42 Plus44 HP1600& Sensi-1 Hydraulics Kg5.80 Lakh