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Apollo Introduces Latest Truck-Bus Radial Tyres in India

Posted by Suraj On 27-Aug-2022 08:44 AM

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  • Apollo has finally unrelieved its new range of five new truck and bus radial tyres in the Indian market. This homegrown company said they had tested these tyres on real-world applications across the country.

    Apollo Tyre.png

    The company said their new range of tyres is the ideal mix of drive, steer, and all-wheel fitment requirements. These tyres are capable of enhancing the operational productivity of customers and also offer better technology.

    Apollo EnduRace RA, a regional wheel and steer fitment 295/90 R20 size tyre, will offer a better operational experience for customers. It also has the feature of ITM and durability to work with regional applications. The new gen fillers and special reinforcement of tyres ensure better mileage capacity and low heat production; this statement was also added in the company's official announcement.

    The second tyre range, Apollo EnduTrax MA, was also launched with other tyres. It contains the standard size of 295/90 R20 with a mix of steer fitment and is primarily built for tipper trucks. This tyre tackles the resistance easily and ensures trouble-free driving in tough terrain.

    The company also launched its Apollo EnduRace RD nRG tyres, an nRG series tyre designed to ensure better fuel efficiency for haul applications. Company claims this tyre can save 5-8% fuel on regular driving speed. This tyre is built using four block design and material to ensure minimum rolling resistance. The well-distributed footprint supports it in the usage of rubber mass easily. The radial size of this durable tyre stands at 295/90 R20.

    Apollo EnduRace LD+ and RA are also launched in the Indian market. It's great for regional applications, especially ICVs that support 9.00 R20 tyres. The company launched this range to target the rapidly growing e-commerce, parcel, and logistic industry. These tyres are proven to ensure better mileage and robust casing for better fuel efficiency.

    These new range Apollo tyres are here to provide better load-bearing capacity. Its innovative belt construction avoids the issue of puncture damages to ensure more life and more retreads.

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