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Hino, a Japanese truck manufacturer, claims that emissions data have been manipulated for the past 20 years.

Posted by Priya Singh On 05-Aug-2022 12:07 PM

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  • According to the findings of an inquiry announced, Hino Motors, a truck manufacturer in the Toyota group, systematically manipulated emissions data dating back to 2003.


    At a hastily called news conference, President Satoshi Ogiso bowed deeply and apologized to consumers and other stakeholders.

    "I am very sorry," he said. "Unfortunately, misbehaviour was committed for a wide range of models."

    Teams developing engines realized they couldn't achieve expectations and were so stressed that they fabricated test data, according to Ogiso. This resulted in even greater dishonesty as employees attempted to cover up their misconduct. According to Ogiso, there are no safety concerns.

    Hino acknowledged in March that it had falsified data on government-mandated emissions and mileage tests. An investigation was launched by a committee of outside experts.

    It faulted an "inward-looking and rigid culture" at the corporation for a lack of involvement and solidarity among employees in a 17-page assessment.


    According to the experts, the company's leadership neglected to communicate with frontline workers, prioritizing numerical targets and deadlines over operating procedures.

    Hino stated that it takes the findings seriously and will implement efforts to prevent a recurrence, such as establishing a suitable checking system, updating policies, and strengthening corporate culture.

    Ogiso committed to educating Hino's workers and fostering a more open corporate culture and proper work ethic, emphasizing that the problem was widespread and not limited to the teams in question.

    "I am determined to see that we are reborn and that we carry that out in unambiguous action," said Ogiso, a former Toyota Motor Corp. executive.

    The discovered wrongdoing includes tampering with fuel efficiency data in heavy-duty engines and changing durability tests relating to emissions on a wide range of vehicles.

    Hino has recalled 67,000 automobiles in Japan as a result of the incorrect data. Ogiso said it is unknown how the latest announcement will affect Hino's financial results. According to Hino, the number of affected vehicles might reach around 300,000 units.

    He indicated that whether he and other prior executives will quit accepting responsibility will be decided after a thorough investigation of the incident.

    Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda relayed a message, which Ogiso read aloud during the news conference.

    "Hino's misbehaviour damaged the trust of its customers and other stakeholders." "I am profoundly sorry for what has occurred," Toyoda stated in the message.

    Hino said it was collaborating with authorities in the United States and Europe on models sold abroad.

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