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PMI Electro Becomes India's Second-Largest Electric Bus Brand

Posted by Priya Singh On 07-Oct-2022 01:06 PM

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  • Within five years, PMI Electro has over 777 e-buses operating across the country.


    PMI Electro Mobility claims to be India's second-largest electric bus brand, with over 777 electric buses operating across the country. The company announced this in a press release, following its foray into Surat, where it delivered 25 electric buses as part of a larger order to supply 150 electric buses to the Municipal Corporation of Surat. The Hon'ble Union Minister of Heavy Industries, Mahendra Nath Pandey, launched these e-buses for Surat.

    The buses are outfitted with a slew of safety features, including RTMS (real-time monitoring system) and CCTV cameras. Other features include air suspension, which ensures that the e-buses can navigate difficult road conditions while also providing passengers with a comfortable ride.

    With the addition of Surat, PMI Electro now has a presence in over 23 cities across India, making it the electric bus brand with the most extensive network in the country. Among the other cities where PMI has electric buses are Kerala, Ladakh, Lucknow, Nagpur, Odisha, Rajkot, Delhi, and Agra.

    "Our manufacturing prowess and dependable engineering have allowed us to timely deliver orders to STUs (State Transport Undertakings) and provide citizens with clean public transportation," said Satish Jain, Chairman of PMI Electro Mobility.

    "With almost no downtime and over 4 crores, of green kilometres travelled, our electric buses have proven their worth even in difficult terrains like Ladakh, encouraging people to use public transportation. With the government paving the way for clean public transportation, our electric buses are operating in a variety of terrains, made possible by investments in cutting-edge technology solutions." Jain continued.

    About PMI Electro Mobility Solutions Private Limited Company

    PMI Electro Mobility Solutions Private Limited manufactures 'zero emission' vehicles and has a technical partnership with Beiqi Foton Motors, China, one of the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, having sold over 7 million commercial vehicles to date.

    PMI Electro Mobility Solutions Private Limited is a subsidiary of PMI Coaches Private Limited, which has four decades of experience in bus and coach manufacturing. PMI Electro Mobility Solutions Private Limited has recently launched a 12-Metre Pure Electric Bus in India and is in the process of launching 9-Metre and 6.5-Metre Pure Electric Buses to provide connectivity solutions for large cities ranging from trunk roads to last-mile connectivity.

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