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The Ashok Leyland Ecomet STAR 1815 Truck is now available in India

Posted by Priya Singh On 18-Jul-2022 11:18 AM

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  • Ashok Leyland Ecomet STAR 1815 truck has the best cargo capacity and mileage in its class, according to the company.

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    Last Wednesday, the well-known commercial vehicle maker Ashok Leyland unveiled the Ecomet STAR 1815 truck in the 17.5 T GVW class. The truck uses the least amount of fuel. We discovered this model is intended for long-haul customers searching for a bigger payload with 4-cylinder engines for speedier turnaround through a press release from Ashok Leyland.

    A modern digital dashboard with improved Digital Driver Assist and 150 HP and 450 Nm torque H series engines are featured in this truck (ADDA). Additionally, it has advanced telematics (i-Alert), remote diagnostics, and round-the-clock customer support through the Uptime Solution Centre. It is also available with the brand-new white colour cabin.

    "Ashok Leyland is complementing the strong expansion of the ICV category by the frequent launch of distinct products," stated Sanjeev Kumar, Head of MHCV at Ashok Leyland. “With the new Ecomet STAR 1815, we firmly establish our presence in the 17.5T market and guarantee greater profitability for our clients in the applications for logistics, e-commerce, package, perishable agri-food, cement, and industrial items” he added.


    Important Highlighting Features

    11.74T is the truck's best-in-class payload (20ft HSD). The engine is an H Series powerplant with a 150 HP and 450 Nm torque output. The tyres that are installed are 295/90 R20 Tube-specific. Customers can choose between 5 loading spans: 20 feet, 22 feet, 24 feet available with a day cabin, and 20 feet, 22 feet available with a Sleeper cabin. The truck is quite sturdy thanks to the use of a High Strength Steel frame that has a thickness of 7 mm.

    The new digital dashboard with advanced digital driver assistance is now available to drivers as well (ADDA). The in-cabin experience also comes with a roomy and solid structure. The new white colour cabin for the vehicle is now also an option. Additionally, customers will value advanced telematics (i-Alert). Additionally, the Uptime Solution Centre's remote diagnostics with round-the-clock client support are a wonderful addition.

    To increase its presence in these emerging markets, Ashok Leyland recently unveiled the AVTR 2620, the first 8-wheeler truck in the market. The business currently provides a whole range of trucks with lift axle technology from GVW of 25.5 to 47.5 tonnes, making it the first and only one in India to do so.

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