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Volvo Construction Equipment launches the EC550E excavator in India.

Posted by Priya Singh On 21-Jul-2022 10:49 AM

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  • The current yearly revenue of the construction company from the Indian market is projected to be around 2,000crore.

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    Volvo Construction Equipment has announced the arrival in India of the EC550E crawler excavator. According to Volvo, this equipment will provide the durability and performance typically associated with a 60-tonne excavator. Customers benefit from up to 35% more productivity and 22% higher fuel efficiency. In addition, the excavator provides excellent operator comfort and high levels of uptime.

    Volvo stated that this Crawler Excavator is available with a variety of appropriate-sized buckets. As a result, new industry standards are being established. Furthermore, the EC550E is an ideal companion for wide-body 38-40t hauling equipment. This reduces the number of required passes. As a result, cycle times have been considerably reduced. The Crawler Excavator has greater swing torque and speed, as well as remarkable engine power, giving lifting capability and digging forces more often found in a 60-tonne excavator.

    The excavator's capabilities are enhanced by its ultra-durable undercarriage, which includes a lengthy bottom frame, a sturdy top frame, and strengthened digging equipment. The optional broader retractable lower frame increases stability and ground clearance, allowing it to be used in more work segments.

    Electro-hydraulic systems with Independent Metering Valve Technology (IMVT) and engine/pump optimization significantly improve fuel efficiency. This works by reducing engine rpm while increasing power. Meanwhile, the main control valve employs Independent Metering Valve Technology, Volvo's most recent pioneering innovation and the industry's most advanced hydraulic system.


    Drivers benefit from substantially more accurate control over a conventional system, as well as up to a 22% gain in fuel efficiency. Volvo also provides a variety of services to help the machine run more efficiently. Fuel Efficiency Reports and operator training initiatives are two examples of such offerings.

    Volvo is known for providing the finest in operator control, comfort, and safety. And the EC550E is no exception. The best cab on the market will be provided to operators. The primary features include a 14-air vent climate control system, an ergonomic seat with 9 adjustment options, and Boom and arm bounce reduction technology, which minimizes machine shock substantially. This leads to more relaxed and productive operator performance.

    In terms of safety, the machine receives a 3-point seatbelt with a reminder alarm. A seatbelt cutter/hammer is also provided to aid egress through the emergency exit. Another notable addition is a rearview camera and 10 LED lights strategically placed throughout the bike, including the back. Additionally, consumers have the option of purchasing the Volvo Smart View. Front, rear, and side cameras are used to provide a real-time overhead image of the machine. This is very useful while working in small spaces.

    Maintenance is also simple, thanks to a slew of novel features. By turning off the engine until after the turbocharger has cooled, the delayed engine shutdown feature helps to preserve the turbocharger in good working order. Volvo's telematics technology, CareTrack, assists clients in maximizing equipment uptime while also lowering repair costs. Customers can choose to keep track of their machines individually or let Volvo handle it through ActiveCare.

    The Volvo Uptime Center monitors machines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This involves delivering weekly reports and advising clients of preventive maintenance actions that are required. The fitted grouped filters and a battery cut-off button ensure that the equipment is completely disconnected when service. High-visibility guardrails and handrails bolted with anti-slip plates, 3-point right-hand access to the upper building, and an optional walkway are all excellent extras.

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