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Good News for Farmers! Get high-Quality Mustard Seeds Absolutely Free; Look at the Process

These 9 Seeds of Mustard Farmers are Getting Free

Posted by Suraj on 10-Feb-2023 12:26 PM



The Rajasthan government wishes to increase the production of pulses and oilseed products. So, we can become independent in oil production and not have to import such products at scale.


If you are a farmer, you may already be busy harvesting the Kharif crop so that you can start the further process for the Rabi crop. Considering this, the Rajasthan government has taken a big step to benefit farmers thinking of growing mustard. The government plans to distribute nine high-quality mustard seeds for free to farmers of Rajasthan. With this step, lakhs of mustard farmers will benefit and see a rise in their income.

The Rajasthan government wishes to increase the production of pulses and oilseed products. So, we can become independent in oil production and not have to import such products at scale.

Rajasthan Government Mustard Distribution Scheme

Under the National Food Security Mission-Oilseeds, the Rajasthan government will provide farmers with nine types of high-quality mustard seeds. This government scheme will benefit the farmers of 30 districts of Rajasthan. And these farmers will be able to get these seeds for free and grow mustard in large quantities. Moreover, these seeds are expected to ensure comparatively high production and income for farmers.

How many Minikits of Mustard Seeds will be Distributed?

The state government has kept the goal to distribute 7,34,400 mini kits to farmers this year. These kits will be distributed to 30 districts of the state. Moreover, every mini kit contains 2 kg mustard seed. As per the sources, it's expected that these seeds can grow the mustard crops on 3 lakh hectare area. It is a great initiative from the state government to increase the production of oil seeds.

What are the Nine Different Mustard Seeds that will be Distributed in Rajasthan?

In Rabi season 2022-23, the government runs its special mustard seeds distribution program. Under this scheme, it will distribute nine high-quality mustard seeds to farmers of Rajasthan for free. Moreover, the Agriculture department will be responsible for executing this initiative. Below are the names of high-quality seeds mustard farmers can get.

  1. R.H. 725
  2. Giriraj
  3. R.H.-761
  4. CS58
  5. R.G.N.-298
  6. P.M.-31
  7. R.H.-749
  8. G.M.-3
  9. C.S.-60

So, these are the top 9 high-quality seeds that farmers can choose from and grow the mustard crop to increase their farming income.

Benefits of High-Quality Mustard Seeds

You might be thinking about why the Rajasthan government is providing these high-quality seeds for free to farmers. Well, these seeds are of high quality and can produce mustard on a large scale. That will ultimately increase homegrown mustard production and decrease our dependence on other countries. Also, these seeds protect themselves from any crop disease. If we talk about RH 725 mustard seeds, they get ready to harvest in 136 to 143 days. The properly grown mustard of this seed has a larger size, and the number of beans can be up to 18. Along with this, its branches and beans are larger and wider than the regular mustard crop.

On the other hand, about 25 quintals per hectare yield can be obtained from the Giriraj variety of mustard. These seeds are extremely beneficial for farmers, as they are heavier in size and produce more oil than normal mustard seeds. In addition, these crops prevent most crop diseases so that the farmers can get a better income from their crops.

Which Mustard Seed is Best for Farmers?

If you have planned to avail these free seeds from the Rajasthan government. In that case, it's good to choose RH 725, Giriraj, and RH 761 mustard seeds. These seeds can ensure mustard farming on a scale and help you get more revenue. However, other high-quality mustard seeds like CS58, RGN298, and GM3 are also great. If you use these seeds and follow ideal farming practices, your crop will get ready to harvest in 143 days. Also, these seeds do not require much attention as they have enough capacity to protect themselves from crop disease.

Who is Eligible to Get Free Mustard Seeds From Rajasthan Government?

The Rajasthan government has set up some basic eligibility criteria for the farmers. Under this special mustard seeds distribution program, numerous gram panchayat events will be organized for each district. To start distribution, the authorized organization will create a 25 hector area where this farming will take place. Also, to get these free high-quality seeds, only female farmers are eligible. The government has also ensured that almost 50% of small and marginal female farmers benefit from this seed distribution program. Farmers below the poverty line or come under SC, and ST will also get some preference.

How to Apply to Get Free Mustard seeds?

You can apply online if you are also interested in getting free mustard seeds. You can visit the Raj Kisan Sathi portal, where you can access this facility using a Jan Aadhaar card and avail free seeds for the Rabi crop. However, if you are confused about how to apply for free seeds, you can visit It's an official website of the Rajasthan government, running a free seeds program for the farmers. You can complete the application process and select the preferred seed.


Farmers belonging to Rajasthan have a great opportunity, especially if they wish to grow mustard this year. By availing of this free seeds facility, you can bring high-quality mustard seeds capable of producing high quantity crops. Moreover, these seeds are tested to grow large-size mustard beans, ensuring more oil production than regular oil seeds. Hence, you will have more income by selling the final crop if you grow it.

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