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Domestic Tractor Sales in May 2022: M&M, Sonalika, TAFE Ltd, Escorts & Other Brands

Posted by Suraj On 16-Jun-2022 05:39 AM

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  • In May 2022, the total retail domestic sales were 16,46,773 tractor units and stood 206.78%, up from the last year's total tractor sales in May, which was 5,36,795 units. The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) gave this statement: India's apex national body shares updates on the automobile industry.


    The total sales crossed 215.75% YoY, taking over May 2021's domestic tractor sales by 16,623 units. Tractor sales in May 2020 were 10,193 tractor units, up from the 39,438 units in May 2019. In the last two years, the tractor industry has been facing several challenges and getting fewer sales. During that time, Mahindra and Mahindra was the only brand to generate 10,000 unit sales. Domestic Tractor Sales in May 2022


    Mahindra and Mahindra is the leading tractor brand that sold 11,960 units in May 2021. Its 3,805 units more compared to last year's May sales. In the previous month, the company's market share declined by 20.79% and was down 22.89% compared to last year. However, M&M still sold over 10,699 units in April 2021.

    Domestic Sales of Swaraj(Mahindra Swaraj Division) sold 8,789 units in May 2022 to get a 197.83% sales increase. In May 2021, this company will have 2,951 unit sales in the domestic market.

    TAFE Ltd is the third tractor manufacturing company that recorded the highest sales in May 2022. This company sold out 6,821 units, which is 1,902 more than last year. TAFE Ltd also recorded an increase in YoY metrics by 13% in May 2022. It's 11.44% more compared to the previous month's growth.

    Sonalika is also a competitive brand with a huge customer base and top-class retail outlets. This company sold 6,111 units last month and saw 2,216 units increase compared to May 2021. However, the market share of this tractor company decreased from 13.3% to 11.6% in YoY metrics.

    Escorts is another player that sold 5,826 tractor units in May 2022. This company had 1,739 unit sales during May 2021. Hence it saw an increase in sales compared to last year. It witnessed an increase in market share to 11.1%, which was 10.46% in April.

    John Deere tractor company's sales grew to 3,898 tractor units, which increased by 1,316 units compared to last year.

    Eicher retail sales also increased in May 2022 to 2,999 units and saw up from 870 units to May 2021. This company launched its Prima G3 Series in the premium tractor category. The HP and power of this tractor range from 40 to 60 HP, which attracted many buyers. As a result, the company's market share climbed from 5.23% to 5.71% in the previous month.


    CNH International tractor company saw the retail tractor sales increase to 2,254 units in May 2022 and 597 units more compared to May 2021. This company also noticed a market share boost to 4.29%.

    Kubota is a Japanese tractor manufacturer that has offered a range of tractors in the Indian market. This company sold 1,161 units in May 2021 and 192 more from May 2021.

    VST Tillers has total domestic tractor sales of 354 units which were 81 units more from May 2021.

    Indo Farm is one of the few tractor companies that witnessed 265.17 domestic sales growth in May 2022. This company also got a market share increase of 0.08% last month.

    Force Motors is an international brand that also offers tractors, and this company sold up to 301 units. It saw a sales growth of 568.89% in the previous month as it had 45 units in May 2021.

    The Captain Tractors sold out 157 tractor units in domestic sales. Its domestic tractor sales increased by 41.4% in May 2022 and gained a market share of 0.37%.

    Other tractors saw a sales record of 1,531 units in May 2022, which was 709 units in May 2021.

    In short, the total domestic tractor sales in May 2022 touched 52,487 units. In contrast, it was 48,319 unit sales in May 2021, which was 4,168 units less than last month's sales.

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