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The Solectrac Electric Tractor Has the Potential to Revolutionize Agriculture

Posted by Priya Singh On 14-Oct-2022 12:13 PM

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  • Solectrac electric tractor company has the potential to redefine agriculture.


    Ideanomics recently announced an investment in Solectrac company. Ideanomics is an investment firm that hopes to accelerate the growth of electric vehicles, and Solectrac company is one of its targets. Solectrac may be one of the first companies to introduce an electric tractor. While diesel-powered vehicles have traditionally been used in farming, Solectrac (a California-based startup) hopes to demonstrate that electric tractors can perform just as well.

    In India, Sonalika is the only brand that has launched one of India's premium and affordable electric tractors. Sonalika is known for its engine efficiency, mileage, and durable tractors.

    Ideanomics hopes that the investment partnership will help the company expand in the future by meeting increased consumer demand. Furthermore, Solectrac's press release exclusively mentions the introduction of a new model next year, the expansion of its dealer network, and the intensification of R&D for future models.

    Tractors do not all have to travel long distances, but they must be able to pull, haul, and lift in a variety of conditions, including wet, muddy, dusty, cold, hot, and so on. And, with an electric drive-train, it can do all of this while being quieter, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly than a diesel tractor.

    Specification of Solectrac e25 electric tractor

    The Solectrac e25 electric tractor has a 22kWh battery that can run for up to 6 hours. It is specifically designed for hobby farms, golf courses, sports fields, equestrian centres, and municipalities. Solectrac has already delivered its small electric tractor to the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources for testing in a plant nursery.

    Everyone understands that agriculture is a constantly expanding and changing field. Farmers will be able to reduce their expenses while increasing their income and providing more stability with more yield by using electric equipment.

    Why Choose Electric Tractors?

    Electric Tractors have numerous advantages over traditional diesel tractors.

    -Fuel Cost Savings: Electricity costs a fraction of what diesel fuel does.

    -No Emissions: electric tractors do not emit pollutants, which is great for farmworkers, livestock, and the environment, and allows us to work in enclosed spaces.

    -Noise Reduction: Electric tractors are significantly quieter than diesel tractors of comparable size and power, reducing hearing damage and increasing communication ability.

    -Electric motors require less maintenance than diesel engines, which have hundreds of moving parts. There is no need to change engine oil, or oil filters, or schedule engine tune-ups.

    About Ideanomics Company

    Ideanomics is a global organization with a simple goal: to accelerate the commercialization of electric vehicles. Ideanomics are the only one-stop partner needed to simplify the transition and operation of an EV fleet because we bring vehicles, charging, and financing solutions under one roof.

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