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8 Best Auto Rickshaw in India to Buy in 2022

The demand for the best CNG auto rickshaw has increased significantly in recent years. Most people want to buy these 8 best auto rickshaw in India.

Posted by Suraj on 10-Feb-2023 12:26 PM



Willing to buy the best auto rickshaw in India? The demand for the best CNG auto rickshaw has increased significantly in recent years. Most people want to purchase these three-wheelers as they are affordable and help them make money by driving. Three-wheeler passenger vehicles are one of the fastest growing segments in the automobile industry. These are affordable to maintain, provide better mileage, and come in affordable pricing.

If you buy CNG auto rickshaws from Bajaj, TVS, and other leading brands, you also do not need to worry about maintenance and customer support. Hence, to help you find the right three-wheeler auto rickshaw, we have come up with the diesel and CNG price list. Here you will get cohesive information on some prominent models in India.

Best CNG Auto Rickshaw Models in India

1. TVS Deluxe

TVS Deluxe is one of the flagship three-wheeler models from the TVS auto brand. This auto rickshaw model is durable and has better mileage capabilities. Also, its engine is equipped with a four-stroke, three-cylinder air-cooled SI engine. This engine generates 7.8KW power at 5500 RPM. This passenger three-wheeler also features a durable body, drum brakes, hydraulics, and swing arms. A hydraulic damper and coil spring ensure the vehicle works efficiently.

TVS Deluxe King.png

TVS Deluxe Features

  • This CNG auto rickshaw feature 15.5Nm torque,
  • It has 2647 mm in length, 1329 mm in width, and 1740 in height.
  • This three-wheeler also features 63+2 km/h kerb weight.
  • Additionally, you can see 4F+1R gears in the gear unit.
  • This best-selling CNG auto rickshaw has 10% gradeability.

TVS Deluxe Price: Rs 1,60,000-Rs2,00,000

2. Mahindra Alfa

Mahindra CNG auto rickshaw in India comes with ergonomic design and safety features. The company has considered many safety and comfort aspects while manufacturing Mahindra Alfa. There is a diesel engine preferred to ensure better power and pickup capacity. You can also find a four-cylinder and water-cooled unit attached to the engine. This 9HP passenger vehicle generates 23.5Nm torque. Its gearbox includes five-speed gears and coil springs with an independent swinging arm hydraulic shock absorber. Mahindra has also provided a multi-plate wet clutch and handlebar steering to give better operation and mobility to this auto rickshaw.

Mahindra Alfa.png

Mahindra Alfa Specification

  • It has an overall GVW of 825kg with a 10.5ltr fuel tank.
  • The maximum speed of this best auto rickshaw in India reaches 54 kmph.
  • It has a 2005mm wheelbase and 3020mm length plus 1460mm width.
  • Its 170mm ground clearance helps to drive easily on any road.

Mahindra Alfa Price: Rs 2,75,000 - Rs2,83,000

3. Bajaj Compact RE

Bajaj Compact RE CNG auto rickshaw is one of Bajaj's flagship and prominent rickshaw models. This three-wheel carries a 236.2cc diesel engine and generates 10HP maximum power. Its highest level of torque touches 19.2Nm. Overall, it's a great auto rickshaw for city drives as it has 672 KG GVW making it a great model. On top of that, Bajaj has also upgraded this vehicle to make it capable of meeting BS6 emission norms. The clutch with a handlebar offers convenient driving and smooth operation on tough roads.

Bajaj Compact RE.png

Bajaj Compact RE Features
Bajaj Compact RE auto rickshaw features an 8-litre fuel tank.
It has a 2000mm wheelbase and 20% of gradeability.
This auto rickshaw also packs 170mm ground clearance.
On top of that, it is 2635mm in length and 1300mm in width.

Bajaj Compact RE Price: Rs 2,27,000-Rs 2,37,000

4. Piaggio Ape City Plus

Piaggio Ape City Plus is one of the best-selling auto-rickshaws in India. This three-wheeler runs easily on city and village roads of India. There are BS6 emission norms and one cylinder engine with water-cooled technology. This one of the best auto-rickshaws in India features 9.35HP engine power and 23.5Nm torque. There are five-speed gears, multi-disc brakes and a wet clutch type. If you are looking for an easy-to-drive and controlled passenger vehicle in India, it's good to choose this model.

Piaggio ape city Plus.png

Piaggio Ape City Plus Specification

  • There is a 10-litre fuel tank for long hours of mileage.
  • It has 802kg GVW and 60 kmph maximum speed.
  • The auto-rickshaw also carries 26.4% gradeability.

Piaggio Ape City Plus Price: 2,06,000

5. Lohia Humsafar

This three-wheeler in India comes with a classic design. It has one cylinder, four storks, and direct-injected forced engine technology. Its 8.1HP engine power and 22.2Nm torque help drivers drive it easily. Lohia passenger vehicle in India packs 950 kg GVW and a four-speed gearbox. It has handlebar steering and manual transmission, making it convenient for new users. It has drum and parking brakes to ensure efficient output for the driver. This auto rickshaw is designed to perform the whole day up and down across the city and help the user get better profit margins.

Lohia Humsafar.png

Lohia Humsafar Specification

  • This best-selling auto rickshaw is available in five and three-seater variants.
  • It features a 10.5liter fuel tank and 950kg GVW.
  • There is a 45 kmph maximum speed and a 1945 mm wheelbase.
  • This vehicle also packs a day cabin for more comfort.

Lohia Humsafar Price: Rs 1,80,000-Rs 2,00,000

6. Bajaj Maxima Z

Bajaj Maxima Z is another of the best auto-rickshaws in the Indian market. This passenger vehicle again comes from Bajaj manufacture. It carries a diesel engine that works on a single cylinder and a 470.5cc engine that generates engine power of 8HP and 24NP maximum torque. Overall, it's a great three-wheeler for the intra-city commute. It has a pre-fitted dry, single plate clutch and handlebar steering to ensure better pickup capacity. You get manual transmissions which are easy to use. Along with this, you can also see drums and parking brakes for safe operation.

Bajaj Maxima Z.png

Bajaj Maxima Z Features

  • Bajaj Maxima Z has a GVW of 790kg and fuel tank of 8 liter.
  • Its day cabin is spacious, and the vehicle carries a 2000mm wheelbase.
  • It has a better gradeability of 18% and a length of 2825mm.
  • It's one of the most affordable and durable three-wheelers in India.

Bajaj Maxima Z Price: Rs 1,90,000-Rs1,99,000

7. JSA 1360 D-IV CNG

If you are searching for the best auto rickshaw in India with more seating capacity. In that case, the JSA 1360 D-IV CNG passenger carrier is a great choice. It's available in the market with a single dry plate and a four-speed gearbox. The company has provided steering with the handlebar. And here, you can find manual transmission types for easy control on rigged roads. The 2260mm wheelbase makes it ideal for running in poor road conditions. Also, its powerful fuel-efficient engine generates 30 Nm torque to ensure smooth performance.

ZSA 1360 D.png

JSA 1360 D-IV CNG Features

  • It's a CNG variant and offers good mileage
  • The engine is metered to generate 30 Nm peak torque.
  • There is better fuel tank capacity compared to other models.
  • Also, the wheelbase of this vehicle is 2260mm.

JSA 1360 D-IV CNG Price: Rs 3,35,000

8. Piaggio Ape Plus

Piaggio Ape Plus is one of the leading auto-rickshaw models from the Piaggio brand. This passenger vehicle comes with a water-cooled engine that supports diesel fuel. This diesel-powered auto rickshaw produces 9.39HP power and 23.5Nm torque. Power-wise and sitting capacity-wise, this is one of the ideal passenger vehicles in India. It ensures smooth mobility on city roads and also ensures better mileage capacity. There is a multi-disc, wet-type clutch and five-speed gearbox to complete the transmission's work properly.

Piaggio ape plus.png

Piaggio Ape Plus Features

  • Piaggio Ape Plus can take a maximum speed of 60kmph.
  • It has a 10-litre fuel tank and 974 kg GVW.
  • Also, the wheelbase of this best-selling auto rickshaw in India carries 2100mm.

Piaggio Ape Plus Price: Rs 2,06,000-Rs 2,66,000


So, here we discussed some best auto-rickshaws in India with better mileage, HP, and seating capacity. If you are also willing to buy a CNG auto rickshaw or diesel auto-rickshaw in India, check out this list. These prominent models offer the best class performance on Indian roads.

Thus, we hope you have a clear idea of which models suit your needs most. So, buy the next auto rickshaw that offers you more revenue and profit. If you need help selecting a vehicle, you can consider reaching us.

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