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5 Best Mini Electric Trucks in India 2023

Electric truck sales have increased since the introduction of lithium-ion batteries. The government is also focusing on electric trucks to reduce air pollution.

Posted by Priya Singh on 10-Feb-2023 12:26 PM



Electric truck sales have increased since the introduction of lithium-ion batteries. The government is also focusing on electric trucks to reduce air pollution.


Trucks are considered the best vehicles for driving and picking loads for factories producing toys, clothing, and a variety of other goods. As technology advances, its designers pay close attention to them, and many advances have been made. Electric trucks have been discovered, and they all have great features that set them apart from the competition.

Electric truck sales have increased since the introduction of lithium-ion batteries. The government is also focusing on electric trucks to reduce air pollution. Electric vehicles have high efficiency and are expected to have lower operating costs. Over the last decade, electric trucks have undergone a remarkable transformation. Electric trucks are currently in the spotlight, and demand for them is rapidly increasing. Along with this, the demand for an electric battery rickshaw is increasing over time due to its efficient operation, eco-friendliness, and reasonable price. As a result, all OEMs are attempting to meet the increasing demand through their products.

In this article, you will find complete information about them, including features, working capabilities, pricing, and so on.

What is an electric truck?

Electric trucks are trucks that run on batteries and are designed to transport cargo. Nowadays, Electric trucks are becoming popular. Electric trucks are priced between Rs. 0.58 Lakh and Rs. 16.82 Lakh. Mahindra Treo, Mahindra E-Alfa mini, Piaggio Ape E City, Tata Ace EV, and Mini Metro E Rickshaw are the most popular mini electric trucks.

If you're looking for electric trucks, cmv360 is the place to be. In just a few clicks, you can get a reasonable electric truck price with full specifications. So, mentioned below are the 5 Best Electric Trucks in India in 2023. Let's have a look:

1. Euler HiLoad EV

The Euler Motors-HiLoad cargo vehicle has a longer range, more power, and a larger cargo loading deck. HiLoad has important features such as a modern battery, a higher payload, and dependability. Locally designed and developed for Indian road conditions and duty cycles for cargo, logistics, and transport requirements. The HiLoad is available in two models, the HiLoad DV and HiLoad PV, with ranges of 151 and 129 kilometres, respectively. The payload of these variants is 690 kg and 650 kg respectively.

euler hi load.webp

Features of Euler HiLoad EV

  • Both variants have a GVW of 1413 kg.
  • Euler Motors has a promising real-world range of 151 km on a single charge that takes approximately 3.5-4 hours to charge. A 50-kilometre charge in just 15 minutes.
  • The IP 67-rated lithium-ion battery has a water and dustproof chassis and a peck voltage of 72V and 12.4Kwh. The battery generates 10.96 kW of power with a torque of 88.55 Nm.

HiLoad cargo truck price in India ranges from Rs. 3.78 to 4.03 lakh.

2. Omega Seiki Mobility M1KA

Omega Seiki Mobility M1KA is an electric truck in India with a reliable electric motor. This EV truck is manufactured by Omega Seiki Mobility, which has already manufactured many popular three-wheelers in India. This fully electric small commercial vehicle is launched in a single variant.

It is fitted with an electric motor capable of producing 347 HP power and features a manual transmission to give an effective performance. OSM's this small commercial vehicle also has an elegant design that enhances its look. It takes about 4 hours to get fully charged through its normal charging cable, and once it's fully charged, it can give a maximum range of 250 km.

Omega Seiki Mobility M1KA.jpg

Features of Omega Seiki Mobility M1KA

  • This small commercial vehicle has a maximum payload capacity of 700 kg.
  • It features a 30 kW powerful electric motor.
  • The truck has a peak torque of 347 Nm to keep its performance ahead of competitors.
  • OSM has provided drum brakes and 215/75 R17.5 tires.
  • It features a six-leaf spring front suspension and a seven-leaf spring rear suspension.
  • This truck model has a 10 ft deck length to move high-volume loads.
  • It has a gross vehicle weight of 5500 kg and a 5-speed gearbox.
  • A multifunctional steering wheel is included, as well as an integrated headlight, hazard light, and daytime running lights.

Omega Seiki Mobility M1KA’s price in India starts from Rs 15,00,000.

3. Tata Ace EV

The Tata Ace EV is India's first mass-market full-electric truck for last-mile deliveries. The Ace EV is designed for long-term operations that provide incredible productivity and profitability through consistent performance and uptime. The electric variant of Ace Truck looks similar to the regular Ace mini-truck on the outside, but with the fully battery-powered avatar, the Ace Truck EV now comes in almost all fuel options.

The payload capacity of this all-electric mini-truck is 600 kgs, with a cargo space of 208 cubic feet or 6,000 litres and a gradeability of 22% with a full load. Tata Ace EV comes only in one Variant.

Tata ace ev.jpg

Features of Tata Ace EV

  • Hi-Speed charging.
  • A more reliable battery.
  • Electronic driver mode for greater convenience.
  • Vehicle tracking and tracing, driver behaviour alerts, and trip analysis features are all available.
  • Vehicle health tracking
  • You can also view the current range display, the state of charge, the charging status, and the time to full charge, as well as notifications and charging history.
  • The mini truck has a range of 154 kilometres on a single charge.

The Tata Ace EV price in India starts from Rs. 6.60 Lakhs.

4. Mahindra Treo Zor

The Mahindra Treo Zor is a powerful, feature-packed cargo all-electric battery-operated auto-rickshaw designed to meet all of your local/city cargo distribution needs. Mahindra claims that the Treo Zor can travel up to 125 kilometres on a single charge in 3 hours and 50 minutes, with a top speed of 50 kilometres per hour. The Zor is available in three variants: pickup (550 kg payload), flatbed (578 kg payload), and delivery Van (500 kg payload). It has a modern lithium-ion 48 V battery with a peak capacity of 7.37 kWh. It generates 8 kW of power and 42 Nm of torque.

Mahindra Treo Zor.jpg

Features of Mahindra Treo Zor

  • It has multiple cargo decks, making it suitable for all types of logistics applications.
  • A payload of 550 kg is adequate for all last-mile delivery requirements.
  • Even on difficult terrain, it is comfortable and simple to drive.
  • Modern style
  • Its range of more than 100 kilometres makes it suitable for day-long operations.
  • Unrivalled savings of over Rs. 60,000 per year* thanks to superior fuel savings of Rs. 2/km and best-in-class maintenance of 40 paisa/km.

Mahindra Treo Zor’s price in India starts from Rs. 2.73 lakhs.

5. Piaggio Ape E Xtra

Piaggio Ape E Xtra is a cargo three-wheeler in its full-electric Avatar that emits no pollution and produces no noise while maintaining the same performance, payload, and power. The Ape E Xtra resembles its regular cargo three-wheeler Ape but comes with sustainable credentials that include no sound, clutch, or fuel tank, but you do get a large cargo deck, a good amount of power and torque, and nearly 100 km of range for your daily cargo delivery business. Ape E Xtra could be the first EV that can help you earn more revenue by spending less on operating costs while delivering more payload faster and more efficiently.

Piaggio Ape E Xtra.jpg

Features of Piaggio Ape E Xtra

  • This cargo e-rickshaw has a GVW of 975 kg and a payload of 506 kg.
  • The Ape E Xtra has a range of nearly 90 kilometres on a single charge and a top speed of 45 kilometres per hour. A 48V/3000W off-board charger will charge the battery in about 3 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Both front and rear drum brakes are hydraulically actuated.
  • The payload of the Piaggio Ape E Xtra weighs 506 kg.
  • The Piaggio Ape E Xtra has a GVW of 975 kg.

Piaggio Ape E Xtra price in India starts from Rs. 3.12 Lakhs.


This is the ideal opportunity to make your purchase a great success. The 5 most popular electric trucks along with their price are mentioned above. You can choose anyone truck as per your requirement.

CMV360 always keeps you up to date on the latest government schemes, sales reports, and other relevant news. So, if you're looking for a platform where you can get relevant information about commercial vehicles, this is the place to be. Stay tuned for new updates.

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