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Top 5 CNG trucks in India 2022

CNG trucks emit significantly less pollution than any other oil-burning vehicle. Many states will soon phase out petrol and diesel vehicles in favour of CNG and electric trucks.

Posted by Priya Singh on 10-Feb-2023 12:26 PM



CNG trucks emit significantly less pollution than any other oil-burning vehicle. Many states will soon phase out petrol and diesel vehicles in favour of CNG and electric trucks. A CNG truck is inexpensive and provides improved performance without making any noise. They are classified as mini CNG trucks, heavy-duty CNG trucks, pickup trucks, and so on.


Because of rising fuel prices and rising operational expenses, CNG has emerged as a viable alternative to diesel-powered trucks. Customers are increasingly attracted to CNG trucks to offset the ongoing rise in diesel prices, indicating a clear shift in purchasing patterns. As a result, leading truck manufacturers have introduced CNG trucks that are as capable as their diesel counterparts.

Because of the growing trend of customers preferring alternative fuels, popular truck variants are now available with CNG powertrains, promising the same performance, payload, and cargo loading volume with the added benefit of lower operating costs. All of the major truck manufacturers are now offering compelling CNG trucks in key categories from which customers can choose.

The demand for CNG heavy-duty commercial vehicles is increasing as air pollution levels rise. CNG-powered vehicles are considered safer and are used as an alternative fuel to petrol or diesel engines. The central government is also working hard to increase CNG mini-truck sales and plans to build a network of 10,000 CNG filling stations by 2025.

Here is a list of the most popular CNG truck models in India.

Tata Ace CNG Plus

Tata Ace, India's No. 1 Mini Truck, released the CNG variant in 2008 and has since been empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs.


The Tata Motors Ace is India's iconic truck that is available in almost every type of fuel, and if you want to go with a CNG powertrain, you have two options. The Tata Ace CNG and Tata Ace CNG Plus are two models. Tata Ace has been the most dependable segment leader in India for decades, so there isn't much more to say in its favour. Tata Motors Ace is the most affordable, highly capable, and designed to accelerate your transport/logistics business.

The Tata Ace Gold CNG+ has an 8.2-foot load body length, improved front and rear leaf spring suspension, and proven high mileage, as well as an 18 KG CNG tank capacity for longer leads. You can now own Ace CNG+ without fear. Furthermore, the extraordinary guarantee of 2 years or 72000 km, whichever comes first, ensures that your company has superior uptime and production.

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry

Maruti Suzuki provides a strong popular Super Carry in CNG powertrain that is worth considering and has become one of the top customer choices. Super Carry has proven its worth in the highly competitive entry-level truck market against top competitors, and the CNG variant is a popular choice among truck buyers.


The Maruti Suzuki Super Carry is available with one petrol engine and one CNG engine. The petrol engine has an 1198 cc capacity, while the CNG engine has an 1198 cc capacity. It has a manual transmission option. The Super Carry has a mileage depending on the variant and fuel type. The Super Carry is a two-seater four-cylinder.

Eicher Pro 2049 CNG

Eicher Trucks is a well-known brand in the Indian market for light and medium-duty trucks. And the Pro 2049 CNG is Eicher's entry-level 5-tonne GVW truck with a dependable powertrain.

eicher Pro_2049_CNG_.jpg

Remember that Eicher has the industry's most comprehensive CNG truck offering in the light and medium-duty segments. The company is well-known for its extensive CNG truck lineup, which includes trucks with a variety of payloads, cargo body lengths, and CNG engines. The Eicher Pro 2049 CNG is a truck that will not let you down with its key features and profitability elements. This Pro 2049 CNG is awed with its features, technologies, low price, and capability, and it could become one of your business partners in the alternative fuel truck fleet.

Ashok Leyland DOST CNG

The Ashok Leyland DOST CNG mini truck is an environmentally friendly companion with advanced technological solutions that deliver exceptional performance. DOST is an award-winning light commercial vehicle from Ashok Leyland, equipped with i-GEN6 technology to deliver goods and haul loads even to the most remote parts of India.


This is an equally capable truck that can be used for a variety of cargo deliveries, with guaranteed performance, dependability, and durability. Dost trucks have earned a reputation for overall customer trust over the years.

Tata 709g LPT

Tata Motors proudly introduces its new 'Green Range' of BS6 CNG Trucks, in line with the government's initiative to create a "Clean Fuel Corridor" across India, beginning with the northern belt.


The all-new TATA 709g LPT has been designed specifically for long-haul applications and maximum fuel efficiency, building on the solid foundation laid down by the LPT407 Ex2 CNG.

The TATA 709g LPT is the longest-running LPT face vehicle in India, and the best value-for-money truck in the BS6 Era. With the trusted Tata 3.8 SGI CNG BS6 Engine and dependable aggregates, you can be assured of the best return on investment for your business with these future-ready trucks.

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