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8 Best 4x4 Truck in India To Grow Your Business

Posted by Suraj On 19-May-2022 12:15 PM

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  • Are you a business owner and need to buy a 4x4 truck in India? Pick-up trucks in India are gaining popularity because these vehicles are built for the long last and seem more affordable than a regular car. If you want to transport goods within the city, mini trucks can't do that. In that case, buying the best pick-up trucks in India is a perfect choice.

    Best 4x4 Pickup Trucks

    These trucks are excellent for delivering heavy-duty delivery on time and tackling any road condition. 4x4 trucks also provide impressive fuel mileage and effective city operation. These vehicles are also suitable for village product deliveries. So, before you buy any four-wheel truck for your business, let's discuss the top four-wheel trucks with impressive features and mileage.

    8 Best 4x4 Trucks in India With Impressive Pricing

    1. Tata 407 Gold SFC Four Wheel Truck

    Tata 407 Gold SFC Four Wheel Truck.jpg

    Tata 407 Gold SFC is a 4x4 truck available in the Indian market. It is manufactured using advanced technology to generate 98HP power using a BS-VI engine. This four-wheeler truck is excellent for city deliveries because it generates 300NM torque, perfect for many situations. The 4450 kg of GVW and 2955MM wheelbase make it one of the sturdy trucks for business. Even if you have a manufacturing business and need to run several in/out transportation tours within the city, this truck will be the best option to buy.

    Price & Specs

    • Engine Power: 95HP
    • Torque: 300 NM
    • Price: Rs 9.60 Lakhs
    • Milage: Up to 10 kmpl

    2. Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck Plus

    Mahindra Bolero Maxi Truck Plus.jpg

    Mahindra is the trusted and leading manufacturing company of off-road trucks and vehicles. Most of its vehicles are known for advanced technology, brilliant build, powerful engine, and long-lasting performance. The Mahindra Bolero Maxi truck Plus is available with BSVI four-cylinder diesel engine. And it comes with a five-speed manual transmission that gives a smooth driving experience. It can easily carry up to 1,200 kg load and deliver it to any city corner in one single trip. A 45 Ltr capacity fuel tank can store the fuel for long drive purposes. Hence, if you need the best pick-up trucks in India, it will surely be a great commercial vehicle.

    Price & Specs

    • Engine Power: 65Ps
    • Torque: 195 NM
    • Price: Rs 7.15 Lakhs
    • Mileage: 17.2 kmpl

    3. Isuzu D-Max

    Isuzu S-CAB.jpg

    It's like a car and a truck; many people like this commercial vehicle. Isuzu is a Japanese company with a name for manufacturing high-end commercial vehicles. Its vehicles are durable and provide exceptional performance under several delivery conditions. You will not notice any noise and will feel comfortable loading and unloading goods. This best pick-up truck in India comes with a four-cylinder engine that can generate 78Ps power and 176 NM torque. You have a five-speed manual transmission that allows you to carry up to 1055 kg weight.

    Price & Specs

    • Engine Power: 78Ps
    • Torque: 176 NM
    • Price: Rs 10 Lakhs
    • Mileage: 14.4 kmpl

    4. Mahindra Bolero Camper

    Mahindra Bolero Camper.jpg

    If you need to buy the best 4x4 truck in India with long-last performance and low maintenance. In that case, Mahindra Bolero Camper is the truck your business needs this time. It will ensure fast and efficient delivery in average to harsh weather conditions to keep your business running. There is a 2.5L m2DiCR four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with five-speed manual transmission. It has an impressive 4WD capacity to provide a stable driving experience in a harsh driving environment. If we talk about its design, you get leather seats, an air conditioner, a 58 Ltr fuel tank, and power windows. It can carry up to 1,000 kg weight and ensure perfect delivery on long-distance locations.

    Price & Specs

    • Engine Power: 75Ps
    • Torque: 200 NM
    • Price: Rs 9.5 Lakhs
    • Mileage: 13 kmpl

    5. Tata Yodha Pickup Truck

    Tata Yodha Pickup Truck.jpg

    Tata Yodha pick-up truck is considered one of the tough competitors of Mahindra Bolero Camper. The new Tata Yodha 4x4 truck comes in big size and has enhanced features than previous models. This truck is powered by BSVI 2.2L four-cylinder engine that generates 250 NM torque and has 100Ps power. It's impressive for the users who need to do multiple time loading and unloading in a day. This 4x4 truck price in India varies from city to city and the models you choose; however, the standard price is Rs 9.23 lakhs. You can easily purchase this truck in your local area if you have a similar budget.

    Price & Specs

    • Engine Power: 100Ps
    • Torque: 250 NM
    • Price: Rs 9.23 Lakhs
    • Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

    6. Mahindra Imperio

    Mahindra Imperio.jpg

    Do you know Mahindra is dominating the market in the pick-up segment? It has a range of pick-up trucks with special pricing and features. You will not have to worry about its performance as it is powered by a BS IV four-cylinder engine. It can generate 75Ps power and torque of 220 NM and 2489 cc displacement. Overall it's an industry-leading pick-up truck with 120 kmph and a 55 Ltr fuel tank. You can buy this truck in two variants, driver plus one or driver plus four-seat capacity. You can choose any of the options based on your budget and the requirement of the business.

    Price & Specs

    • Engine Power: 75Ps
    • Torque: 220 NM
    • Price: Rs 8.25 Lakhs
    • Mileage: 13.50 kmpl

    7. Maruti Suzuki Eeco Cargo

    Maruti Suzuki Eco Cargo.jpg

    Maruti Suzuki Eeco is one of India's best pick-up trucks and an affordable truck. It is one of the best vehicles for transporting parcels and other goods that fit its spacious area. You can buy this commercial vehicle in two segments such as petrol and CNG. The petrol version provides 72Ps power and 98Nm torque, and the CNG version gives you 62Ps power and 85Nm torque. This cargo vehicle is suitable for those who want to spend less on fuel expenses and need some efficient output. If your budget is Rs 5 lakh to buy the best pick-up truck in India, you can consider Suzuki Eco.

    Price & Specs

    • Engine Power: 72/62Ps
    • Torque: 95/85 NM
    • Price: Rs 4.55 Lakhs
    • Mileage: 15.5/16.2 kmpl

    8. Mahindra Jayo Truck

    Mahindra Jayo Truck.jpg

    Mahindra Jayo is one of the most rugged trucks under the Rs 10 lakh budget range. It is very famous and comes with high-end and energy efficiency technology. It's a four-wheel pick-up truck that generates 80 HP power using MDI tech. And it also generates significant torque of 220 NM, making it the perfect truck for several harsh conditions. You get a four-cylinder engine with a 60 Ltr colossal fuel tank. A five-speed gearbox with a power steering gives a fast response. It is available in three variants: HSD, DSD, and CBC.

    Price & Specs

    • Engine Power: 80Ps
    • Torque: 220 NM
    • Price: Rs 9.80 Lakhs
    • Mileage: 12.5 kmpl


    These are some best 4x4 trucks that you can buy right now to get impressive performance. However, the 4x4 truck price in India from these companies can vary from location to location. But still, we gave the standard prices for these vehicles. So that you can find the best pick-up truck in India for your business and take your business to the next level.

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